Fernanda Maciel summits Aconcagua

Image ©FernandaMaciel - The North Face, Red Bull, Compressport

             Image ©FernandaMaciel – The North Face, Red Bull, Compressport

Fernanda Maciel (The North Face, Red Bull, Compressport) reached the summit of Aconcagua – ascent and descent time of Aconcagua, Argentina (6962m) in 14 hours, 20 minutes.

Following in the footsteps of Kilian Jornet (here) and Karl Egloff (here), Fernanda has gone on to say:

I left the Base Camp at 5am to the summit. The dawn plenty of stars and moon was inspiring me, the mountain was all white because it had snowed a lot the day before my intent. I felt motivated and grateful to have such a beautiful night on the mountain. When I reached 5,500m (Nido de Condores) my toes were frozen, I had to stop and warm up them for a few minutes on the fire of a jetboil. Then I kept strong with good feelings towards the summit, but I was very slow in each sections because there was too much snow. Impossible to run or walk fast because I had to open tracks until the ascent. The Travesia (6.200m) was a long section having snow covering my knee. One of my crampons’s broken there. When I arrived in Canaleta (6.700m) the sky was dark, the snow storm started and I could not see anything ahead. I went up with difficulty but lucky to have good feelings in so high altitud. After 9h50min I reached the summit (around 3pm) and I felt like a bird, exhausted but with wings to fly free. A sensation of being in a vacuum, without tears, without smiles, just observing my breath and my passion for the mountains from my heart. I loved being there with a calm soul. I’ve been in Aconcagua summit with a blue sky before, but now everything was White. – Fernanda Maciel

I caught up with Fernanda yesterday, Sunday 8th Feb just as she returned back to her hotel to recover. You can hear the interview HERE and in the next episode of Talk Ultra.

Fernanda Maciel ©iancorless.com

Fernanda Maciel ©iancorless.com


Listen directly below:

White Flow Nepal – Fernanda Maciel #ETR13

©copyright .iancorless.com.Kalaish

Kalaish Children’s Home – Himalayan Youth Foundation

 You can read this article translated by Fernanda Maciel into Spanish HERE©copyright .iancorless.com.©iancorless.com549

Thirty minutes, that is all it took to depart from Lukla, the trails and mountains of the Himalayas replaced by the noise and frantic activity of Kathmandu. To say that the Everest Trail Race had been an experience would be an underestimation. I have been extremely fortunate to travel to some beautiful places and follow some incredible races in the past couple of years, but the ETR, Nepal and the visual splendor of Everest and its sister peaks was a joy to behold.

As a photographer (amongst other things), Nepal was always going to tick several boxes on so many levels. I love to see culture, people and the life of a place unfold before my eyes and if I get things right, I hope to capture that in images. The diversity of the region; noise, congestion, and the buzz of Kathmandu, to the open trails and the simple pleasures of the Khumbu region was an experience that I will take with me forever. I will return to Nepal but it will be different next time. It will never be like the first time, the first time is unique.

As we landed in Kathmandu, runners and staff from the ETR started to say, ‘it’s over’. I couldn’t disagree more. We had a day and a half before our respective journey’s home and in that time I wanted to make the most of what was on offer.

A trip down Tamil Street to experience the banter, buzz and shopping experiences of a Bazaar is always a great experience. Here in Kathmandu it was no different. Like a step back in time, I bantered and bargained for the ‘best’ price on presents and souvenirs for loved ones at home.

The final day arrived. It’s a very definite thing the word ‘final’. I wanted to ensure that my final day was the start of something else and to that end I was elated to be involved in White Flow Nepal.

Fernanda Maciel, ladies winner of the Everest Trail Race and second placed finisher overall had asked me several months ago would I be involved in this project. It all came about in a pre-race interview for the ETR (here).

©copyright .iancorless.com.©iancorless.com279

Fernanda, following on from her White Flow Brazil project decided to utilize her free time in Nepal and in conjunction with the *‘Mountaineers for Himalayas Foundation’ (www.mount4him.org), Fernanda created White Flow Nepal with a primary aim to help the children at Kalaish Children’s Home.

The Kailash Hostel (www.hfy-us.org) is operated by the Himalayan Children’s Foundation. The ‘HCF’ is a Nepali charity organization who provides education and care to underprivileged children. Currently, 92-children are homed at Kalaish.

Evicted from three rental buildings, the children at Kalaish have been provided with a home due to donations and charitable endeavors. These donations allowed HCF to build a completely new hostel consisting of three buildings, a dining/administration room, boy’s dorm and girls dorm. Located in the quiet valley of Gorkarna just outside the center of Kathmandu, they have created a secure and stable environment for the children. The buildings were inaugurated by the US Ambassador to Nepal in 2007.

©copyright .iancorless.com.©iancorless.com603 ©copyright .iancorless.com.©iancorless.com608

Education, healthcare, extra-curricular activities, a vegetable garden, music, dance, swimming, and mountaineering all provided to the children who come from the remotest parts of mountain villages in Nepal with an emphasis placed on children from the Tibetan border region. The main reason for this has been the lack of facilities on offer for the children in these remote areas. For example, the nearest school was a three to four hours walk away. Children are accepted from 5-7 years old and are cared for until they graduate. It’s an incredibly warm, welcoming and happy environment.

Fernanda wanted to provide some assistance, no matter how small. So armed with bags of clothes and with assistance from Overstims, Compressport and The North Face, Fernanda provided essential items to help facilitate the day-to day experiences of the children of Kalaish Children’s Home.

©copyright .iancorless.com.©iancorless.com211

Our experience started at Hotel Shanker, we were picked up by staff from the school and joined by several of the older students. Departing from the center of Kathmandu we ran through the chaotic streets to the hostel in Gorkarna. Weaving in and around the traffic, passing homes, shops and farmland, we progressed along the 7km route and children from the school joined us at different stages. The closer we were to our arrival, the younger the children became until the final 200m when we where joined by the youngest!

©copyright .iancorless.com.©iancorless.com399

It was quite an experience! The joy, the laughter, the cheers and most importantly, the smiles, made every step of this run a wonderful step to something more positive. I could see a bigger picture and after all I had experienced in the past 12 to 13 days I could see it all making sense in this final journey. We were doing something very small that was making and creating a massive impact.

©copyright .iancorless.com.©iancorless.com515

At the school, Fernanda was welcomed like a queen. A banner had been placed on an external school wall congratulating her on her ETR victory. On the school playing field the children formed a large circle and then under the instruction of the ETR ladies champion, they all performed some simple stretches.

©copyright .iancorless.com.©iancorless.com711

Inside the dining/ community room a surprise awaited. Once a month, birthdays are celebrated and today an extra cake had been made, one for Fernanda. Joining the ‘top table’, Fernanda blended in perfectly. Grinning like a small child, Fernanda embraced the celebrations and when it came to celebrating, she followed tradition by smearing some cake on the children’s faces. In a place were food is such a precious commodity, it was wonderful to see the children, irrespective of age, allowed to be children.

The whole experience was rewarding, uplifting and reassuring. Nepal and its people are special. Amongst the beauty and diversity I witnessed great extremes. Poverty on a scale I have not witnessed before and this was contrasted by some of the most dramatic and beautiful scenery I have had the pleasure to witness. The Kalaish Children’s Home and other places like this are the very very tip of the iceberg. They don’t even make a dent in the very apparent social issues that are so clearly present within the whole of Nepal. But, every little helps. In spite of this, I have the found the people, irrespective of wealth or social standing, the most welcoming, generous and friendly of all I have met. I leave Nepal not with something coming to an end, but with a beginning. I witnessed on the face of each and every child that our ‘disposable’ items could generate happiness, warmth and pleasure. It’s time to look within and think, ‘what can I do to help?’ Believe me, the donation of clothes, toys, books, writing materials or a donation of say £10 literally can make a huge difference.

I sincerely thank Fernanda Maciel, the staff and the children from Kalaish Children’s Home for providing me with the opportunity to experience something that will allow me the opportunity to look within and find a way to help in the future.


Would you like to help? Why not donate to one of the faces Kalaish HERE make a payment to Paypal account: iancorless@mac.com all proceeds will go to the Kalaish Children’s Home.

Fernanda Maciel – Here

*Mountaineers for the Himalaya’s Foundation is a private, non-political, non-profit making, non-religious and non-governmental organization created by Mountaineers to help and assist children in remote and mountainous regions of Nepal, Pakistan, Tibet, India and Bhutan.


Himalayan Youth Foundation – UK

18 Holeyn Hall Roade



NE41 8BB

Tel 0044 1661 852278


Episode 48 – Jones, Maciel, Sleuyter, Lupton


Episode 48 of Talk Ultra brings you sounds and interviews from Nepal and we have an interview with ladies winner and 2nd place overall, Fernanda Maciel. We have an interview with Dakota Jones and we catch up with Anna Lupton and discuss fell racing and Skyrunning. Recently, Steven Sleuyter placed 2nd overall at the Grand to Grand ultra and we discuss his racing and how he plans and prepares for multi stage racing. We have the news, a blog, up and coming races and speedgoat Karl!

Nepal, such an amazing place and what an experience.

I went out on a sightseeing tour and here our tour guide, Prackasa provides an insight.

INTERVIEW with Tour Guide Prackasa

Leaving Kathmandu and heading to the start in JIRI was quite an epic journey, It involved a long journey on twisting winding roads that lasted 7-hours plus. When we arrived I spoke with Brit, Lynden Kemp.

INTERVIEW – Lynden Kemp

With the race underway I had so many remarkable experiences. Being a photographer in this environment is a dream come true.

While I was out on the trails I constantly came across animails, farms, sherpa’s, porters and children, in particular while descending from 4070m at Pikey Peak I came across three boys carrying huge baskets on their backs supported by the Nepalese head strap. They joined me for the descent and sand a song for me.

AUDIO – Children singing on the descent from Pikey Peak

The race ultimately was about Upendra Sunuwar who dominated the men’s race and Fernanda Maciel who not only dominated the ladies race but placed 2nd overall.

INTERVIEW – I caught up with Fernanda Maciel when we arrived back in Kathmandu and you can listen to her thoughts and experiences of racing in Nepal.

On the last day of our trip, I was involved in a charity event with Fernanda Maciel. Running through the streets of Kathmandu we were joined by children from the Kalaish Children’s Home. This was an event created by Fernanda with the sole purpose of providing aid to children who are from poor or deprived homes. It was a wonderful way to end a trip and extremely rewarding.

The Everest Trail Race, Nepal and the Himalayas have been an incredible experience. The terrain and altitude provides a tough challenge but the rewards are high. It really is a place and a race experience I can’t recommend enough. You don’t have to be a great runner to take part but you do need to be fit!

Nepal has been quite an enlightening experience from so many aspects. I have written a daily post on my website – iancorless.com and I have provided links to all my images if you are interested.



Moving from one stage race to another, I caught up with Steven Sleuyter after his 2nd place at the Grand to Grand multi day ultra. Here we discuss his racing, training and how he prepares.

INTERVIEW Steven Sleuyter


Pinhoti 100

  1. Jason Lantz 17:44:24
  2. Evan Cestari 18:00:15
  3. Jonathan Allen 18:13:55
  1. Megan Rieger 21:22:39
  2. Kristina Pattison 21:57:57
  3. Dava Overton 22:15:32

Everest Trail Race


  1. Upendra Sunwar 20:29:46
  2. Lluis Puig 26:42:24
  3. Francisco Salas 26:42:24


  1. Fernanda Maciel 26:00:29 (and 2nd overall)
  2. Yangdi Lama Sherpa 29:10:00
  3. Shiri Leventhall 30:37:52


Sabrina Redden – http://sevenwildandfree.com/2013/10/09/721/

“As you can see, I’m far from being ready to be 30. Does this mean I get to push it back until I’m ready? I say yes! I think 30 is just jealous that I got called Teagan’s sister the other day and someone assumed I went to the kids school when I had my backpack on the other day.

So 30, suck it! I may have to say I’m “30, but I refuse to grow up!”

Interview – Anna Lupton 

TALK TRAINING – Trevor Prior talks to us about feet.


Dakota Jones has had a relatively quiet 2013, however, when he has run he has been on top form. Here we discuss his thoughts and plans for the future.



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Fernanda Maciel – pre race interview Haria Extreme

©copyright .iancorless.com._1120173

Fernanda Maciel speaks to Ian ahead of the 2013 Haria Extreme. Fernanda raced at Transvulcania La Palma but took a fall causing her to drop from the race. She is now recovered and on her way back to fitness. She has some big targets ahead….

YouTube HERE

Pre race photographic shoot HERE


  • Fernanda Maciel website HERE
  • The North Face HERE
  • Haria Extreme HERE

Haria Extreme – Fernanda Maciel

©copyright .iancorless.com.P1100588Fernanda Maciel (The North Face) has an impressive running cv. She loves long distance… really long. She set a record for running the Santiago de Compostela in just 10 days.

She has a very busy run schedule ahead. In May she lined up at Transvulcania La Palma in the hope that she would have a great race. Unfortunately, she fell over and had to stop. The fall caused some issues to her back and shoulders but she now feels much better.

Haria Extreme at 35km’s is probably too short for Fernanda, however, it will allow her a great opportunity to push the pace and obtains as she says, ‘some speed work’.

Following Haria Extreme she races at Lavaredo, the Skyrunning European Championships and then TNFUTMB. Later in the year (November) she will also go to the Everest Trail Race. A busy year indeed!


Fernanda Maciel website HERE

The North Face HERE

Haria Extreme HERE

Photographs pre race:

©copyright .iancorless.com._1030575 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1030576 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1030578 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1030583 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1120166 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1120173 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1120179 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1100580 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1100583 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1100588 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1100600 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1100606 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1100610


Fernanda Maciel – Transvulcania 2013

Fernanda Maciel, The North Face - copyright Ian Corless

Fernanda Maciel, The North Face – copyright Ian Corless

When I’m running on the top of the mountains or canoeing in the middle of the sea, I feel small as nothing…but yet I feel the highest sensation of freedom and peace, free spirit. I’m Brazilian, from the waterfalls and little mountains, Minas Gerais, my roots. I live in the Spanish Pyrenees’s mountains today, Coll de Nargó. I’ve worked as environmental lawyer, in recycle’s projects, international ONG Outward Bound (outdoor education), running Adventure Race… that means, working and teaching to protect the nature. My passion is for the forest, the mountains, the beaches and the rivers, to be there and take care of that. Move…positive.

I caught up with The North Face athlete, Fernanda Maciel less than 48 hours to the start of the 2013, Skyrunning Ultra, Transvulcania La Palma.

  • Location: Hotel SOL La Palma
  • May 9th

*apologies for the focus glitch at the end of the clip but I wanted leave the audio content as  I felt it was important what Fernanda said.

Video on YouTube: HERE


  • Fernanda Maciel – HERE
  • The North Face – HERE
  • Transvulcania La Palma – HERE
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