Haria Extreme – Fernanda Maciel

©copyright .iancorless.com.P1100588Fernanda Maciel (The North Face) has an impressive running cv. She loves long distance… really long. She set a record for running the Santiago de Compostela in just 10 days.

She has a very busy run schedule ahead. In May she lined up at Transvulcania La Palma in the hope that she would have a great race. Unfortunately, she fell over and had to stop. The fall caused some issues to her back and shoulders but she now feels much better.

Haria Extreme at 35km’s is probably too short for Fernanda, however, it will allow her a great opportunity to push the pace and obtains as she says, ‘some speed work’.

Following Haria Extreme she races at Lavaredo, the Skyrunning European Championships and then TNFUTMB. Later in the year (November) she will also go to the Everest Trail Race. A busy year indeed!


Fernanda Maciel website HERE

The North Face HERE

Haria Extreme HERE

Photographs pre race:

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