Haria Extreme – A race in images

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What an incredible day… the Haria Extreme needs to be seen to be believed. An absolutely awesome experience of trails, lava, rocks, sea, beaches and rope… yes, rope!

Here is a story of the day told in images.

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Fernanda Maciel – pre race interview Haria Extreme

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Fernanda Maciel speaks to Ian ahead of the 2013 Haria Extreme. Fernanda raced at Transvulcania La Palma but took a fall causing her to drop from the race. She is now recovered and on her way back to fitness. She has some big targets ahead….

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Haria Extreme – Fernanda Maciel

©copyright .iancorless.com.P1100588Fernanda Maciel (The North Face) has an impressive running cv. She loves long distance… really long. She set a record for running the Santiago de Compostela in just 10 days.

She has a very busy run schedule ahead. In May she lined up at Transvulcania La Palma in the hope that she would have a great race. Unfortunately, she fell over and had to stop. The fall caused some issues to her back and shoulders but she now feels much better.

Haria Extreme at 35km’s is probably too short for Fernanda, however, it will allow her a great opportunity to push the pace and obtains as she says, ‘some speed work’.

Following Haria Extreme she races at Lavaredo, the Skyrunning European Championships and then TNFUTMB. Later in the year (November) she will also go to the Everest Trail Race. A busy year indeed!


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Photographs pre race:

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Luis Alberto Hernando pre race interview Haria Extreme

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Luis Alberto Hernando speaks to Ian ahead of Haria Extreme (translation by Celeste). He discusses his race at Transvulcania, his head-to-head race with Kilian Jornet at Zegama, his expectations at Haria Extreme and what races are in the future.

Luis Alberto is without doubt in excellent form at the moment. The 2012 winner of Haria Etreme, will he break his own course record in 2013?

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Haria Extreme – Luis Alberto Hernando

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Luis Alberto Hernando (Adidas) is in incredible form at the moment. Transvulcania La Palma in May was his first ultra and he excelled in what was an incredible field. At the finish line he was second to an in-form Klian Jornet.

Weeks later, he once again pushed Kilian Jornet to the finish line at Zegama. This time it was oh so close…. just twelve seconds!

This weekend he will toe the line at Haria Extreme in Lanzarote. Last year he was triumphant over Tofol Castanyer. His time of 2:24:28 is the current course record and I wouldn’t be surprised on his current form if he may well beat this. He is certainly motivated.

When I asked him about Transvulcania, he replied, “It was my first ultra and all in preparation for my attempt at TNFUTMB in 2014”.

Very exciting to hear that Luis Alberto will move to the 100 mile distance. When I asked him about his next race, he confirmed, “I will race Kilian and very competitive field at Mont Blanc Marathon at the end of June. Kilian is the master but I hope to push him like I did in Zegama”.

Haria Extreme is 35km mountain race on the island of Lanzarote. The race will start at 0800 Local time (same as GMT) and you will be able to follow updates on Twitter and Facebook.

perfil para dorsales 1


  • Distancia:  32.5 km.
  • Desnivel positivo:  1450 m.
  • Desnivel negativo:  1450 m.
  • Altura mínima:   5 m.
  • Altura media:     240 m.
  • Altura máxima:  640 m.


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  • Adidas website HERE


Images pre race of Luis Alberto Hernando:

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