Dolomites VK 2016 Race Summary and Images – Skyrunner® World Series


Kicking off  a weekend of racing, the Dolomites Vertical Kiolmeter® started today, Friday 15th,  in waves of 20 runners. The juniors started at 0930 in Cisates, just a short walk from the centre of Canazei.


It was a clear day but the wind was blowing and the temperatures were very cool. Great for running a VK but not when you stop – the wind was icy cold. Departing in approximately 4-minutes gaps, wave-after-wave departed until it came time for the elite men and elite women at 1100am.


Departing at an altitude of 1450m they reach the high point of Spiz 2465m with a total distance of 2.4km covered. The Dolomites VK is considered one of the toughest on the circuit due to the short, steep course and underfoot, much of the terrain is grass. Poles are not essential but recommended.


Course records date back to 2015 and 2014 when Philip Goetsch ran an incredible 32:38 and Laura Orgue ran 38:14.

Once again it was Goetsch and Orgue who dominated both fields. They were well ahead of their respective waves and unlike in the past, victory for either runner was not contested. So impressive was Goetsch, he soloed not only to victory but a new course record of 31:34 – almost 1-minute off his old record.


Equally Orgue was impressive coming back from injury with a time of 38:31 – just 17-seconds shy of her 2014 record.

They dominated!

©iancorless.com_DOLOMITESVK2016-3386 ©iancorless.com_DOLOMITESVK2016-3431

With Urban Zemmer and Saul Antonio Padua not racing, Nejc Kuhar lead the chase for 2nd in 32:41 and Hannes Perkmann was 3rd in 33:02.

©iancorless.com_DOLOMITESVK2016-3603 ©iancorless.com_DOLOMITESVK2016-3621

Valentina Belotti was the 2nd lady with a strong and gutsy run just 30-seconds behind Orgue and the ever-present Francesca Rossi sealed 3rd place in 40:00.



  1. Philip Goetsch (ITA) – 31’34”
  2. Nejc Kuhar (SLO) La Sportiva – 32’41”
  3. Hannes Perkmann (ITA) La Sportiva – 33’02”
  4. Manuel Da Col (ITA) Scott Running – 33’11”
  5. Patrik Facchini (ITA) La Sportiva – 33’48”


  1. Laura Orguè (ESP) Salomon 38’31”
  2. Valentina Bellotti (ITA) La Sportiva – 39’06”
  3. Francesca Rossi (ITA) La Sportiva – 40’00”
  4. Beatrice Deflorian (ITA) La Sportiva – 40’52”
  5. Maite Maiora (ESP) La Sportiva – 41’36”

Full race results

Attention now turns to Sunday and the Dolomites SkyRace (preview HERE). Weather systems are currently moving in and out of Canazei and yesterday it snowed! Currently, Piz Boe summit has plenty of snow on it… we could be in for a very exciting and dramatic day of Skyrunning!

Thanks to the support of our Partner Migu Xempower, Sponsor Alpina Watches and Official Pool Suppliers, Scott RunningCompressport and Salomon.

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