Salomon S-Lab RX 3.0 Recovery Shoe

Salomon S-Lab RX 3.0

Salomon S-Lab RX 3.0

Do you need a recovery shoe? Ultimately, I guess not. You can survive without them for sure… I personally have always been fond of a pair of flip flops or similar post runs to allow my feet to breathe and basically just allow the foot to relax. However, I have never been able to walk too far in them. Step in Salomon.

Salomon produced a range of recovery shoes some time ago; a pair of flip flops called RX Break, a ‘slide’ shoe called RX Slide and a shoe version called RX Moc. I am testing the ‘jazzed’ up version of the Moc called the S-Lab RX 3.0.

I guess in principal it is the same shoe as the ‘Moc’ but has S-Lab branding, flashier colours and you pay a little more… I don’t mind, they look cool and feel great!

Recovery shoes are basically the perfect antidote after a long and tiring workout. They are ideal before and after sports provides amazing cushioning and breathability.

Salomon S-Lab RX 3.0

Salomon S-Lab RX 3.0

The S-Lab RX 3.0 has been developed with Salomon athletes and includes new REELAX which combines sensiflex™ technology and new OS tendon construction that elevate recovery.

In short, they work!

I have been using these shoes for over a month now and they are my normal day-to-day shoe. Great on the street or great in the home. Light, breathable, extremely comfortable; you don’t even know you are wearing them most of the time.

Whilst walking for any length of time I can feel my foot working and the RX provides almost a massage feel. Like many other shoes that provide support, the RX is minimalist in construction and therefore allows to foot to work in a natural way.

Salomon S-Lab RX 3.0 sole

Salomon S-Lab RX 3.0 sole

Grip is not unlike the ‘Sense’ range of shoes and on wet pavement they grip perfectly. Of course the upper is not water or weatherproof, so, if it’s raining you are going to get wet feet. The midsole is injected EVA providing perfect cushioning for daily use. The footbed is leather for added comfort. With or without socks your feet do not get hot in the RX 3.0.

The shoes do everything you would expect from a recovery shoe. Light, comfortable, a pleasure to wear and of course they have that unique Salomon styling that pleases from a visual perspective also.


*Note – they size a little small, I am a UK9. I usually wear a UK9.5 in Salomon but in the RX I take a UK10. I have all three models the ‘Break’, ‘Slide’ and ‘Moc’ and this applies to all.


Weight: 220g/ 7.8oz for UK10


– Breathable Open Mesh

– Sensflex


– Non Marking ContaGrip™ – Salomon’s unique traction technology. Contagrip™ is a mix between density, compound and geometry to optimise grip and durability for each surface or activity.


– Leather footbed – provides excellent comfort & climate control


– Injected EVA

Price is expected to be around £60.00 in the UK. They are currently only available on pre-order so please check around. Expected stock is Summer 2013.


Salomon Running HERE

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