Jon Steele conquers – The Hill


The Hill Ultra – Jon Steele wins the inaugural 160 mile Hill Ultra in very poor conditions. He was the only finisher from 15-entrants. It was a real test of mind and body. Only Mark Cockbain could come up with such a sadistic event that obviously appeals to only a select few. Jon showed true grit and took it down to the wire. The event started on Friday 6th December and had a cut-off time of 8pm Sunday 8th Dec. The route was quite literally up a hill to the top, turnaround, come back down and repeat for 160-miles. Epic effort and epic result. Congratulations Jon.

In the words of Mark:

Its simple, you have 48 hours to run 160 miles. This is 55 times up and down The Hill (part of Shining Tor), one of the highest hills in the peak district.

One up and down stretch of The Hill is exactly 2.9 miles.

The Hill Ultra has an elevation of +/- 6380m, which is like climbing to the summit of Everest from basecamp and back down, almost twice!

‘The Hill has a gradual incline, chosen so that there is never a need to walk. It should be runable within the time limit, as long as you keep going, but the MENTAL aspect of facing The Hill again and again will be extreme and for the toughest only’ – Mark Cockbain

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