The Cape Wrath Ultra™ 2016 – Day 1


Travelling to the start – click on an image to view in a gallery

Race Day 1

Day 1 of the Cape Wrath Ultra got underway today with an impressive start on the shores opposite Fort William with the impressive Ben Nevis in the background.

The sounds of a piper welcomed the 95 runners to the shore and at 1015 they were released onto a relatively simple day 1 of the 8-day 400km journey.

The weather moved in and out all day, at times glorious and sunny and then grey, dark and wet. Temperatures were relatively mild though, however, the ground soon became saturated and boggy.

It was a fast day of the front runners, Marcus Scotney and Thomas Adams lead the day and were separated by just 1-second on the line, 2:46:08 and 2:46:09 respectively.

Pavel Paloncy, a pre-race favourite made a slight navigation error but finished 3rd almost 10-minutes back in 2:56:53.

Ita Emanuela Marzotto was the first lady in 3:57:48 and this was more impressive after her recent finish at Marathon des Sables.

Louise Watson and Laura Watson finished 2nd and 3rd ladies 4:02:53 and 4:12:48.

All 95 runners completed day-1, the last runner arriving in 7:03:16.

Day 2 has a rolling start between 0700-0900 and the day has been described as tough and challenging 57km by race director, Gary Tompsett.


Cape Wrath Ultra website and live tracking

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