Lanzarote Multi-Day Training Camp 2023 – Day 2

Tom Evans adidas Terrex ©iancorless

Day 2 of the Lanzarote Multi-Day Training Camp kicked off with a nice easy run/ warm up to the infamous volcano hill-rep location.


At just 70 (ish) meters of vertical, the route may well not seem to hard, however, when you repeat it enough times, it becomes very tough. The target was 10-reps, of course it varies what each individual can achieve…


The decent is a single-track trail of loose stone and gravel and the ‘recovery’ phase is a flat gravel road back to the start. It’s always a great session.


In the afternoon, a ‘How To Use Poles Session’ gave an introduction to the technique required to effectively use poles for a trail or mountain race.

This was followed with adidas Terrex athlete, Tom Evans, holding a talk on Process over Outcome and then a Q&A.


The day concluded with a short recovery session of 30-minutes as the sun set over the lagoon and sea that surrounds Club La Santa. It was a perfect day and stunning weather. Tomorrow, soft-sand.

Interested in joining us? 2024 is open for booking HERE


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