Loving the feedback!

This really does make it all so worthwhile – thanks


David Lloyd
I thought the Comrades show as first class, then you did Transvulcania, blimey, you keep setting a rather high standard for yourselves!
Love the show guys, keep up the great work! 🙂
Loved the Transvulcania podcast, especially the dual interview with Anton and Anna. Great work!
Your interview with Dakota Jones on the Transvulcania show was so interesting. Really he is 21? He came across as an extremely thoughtful mature, and impressive guy. If he is the poster boy for Ultra in the US and beyond that seems a pretty good deal.
I’ve been enjoying everything you’ve produced since the podcast began but the recent coverage of the Skyrunning races has just been awesome. Keep up the great work.
Great 18.6 mile run this morning, made even better listening to the Comrades special – great work guys, made me want to run it 🙂
Just wanted to say that I’ve recently updated my mp3 player after a long period of not doing so. This meant I had a number of your podcasts to listen to. I’m up to episode 7 so far and am just amazed with the quality content you are still managing to put out. Each podcasts is an ultra in their own right and to keep that amount of content flowing with the frequency you’re getting it out there is stunning. Loving the addition of the training section too. Without getting too cheesy, it really makes me feel connected to the community even if I’ve not spoken to anybody about it for a while… ok, maybe that is too cheesy, but it’s also fact. Fantastic work gents!
Thanks again for all your hard on the podcasts. Found the Comrades Special incredibly moving! If Casper Greef can do 56 miles at the age of 77, then I sure as hell can get myself from London to Brighton in September!
Just listened to the Ten Commandments – found it extremely interesting and useful, put me totally at ease about my imminent foray into ultrarunning – The Wall Run in June. Thanks guys 🙂
Just listened to the Talk Training podcast with Marc Laithwaite. Thought this was excellent and totally agree with all he says regarding reducing reliance on carbs. I’d only add that starchy carbs are the issue, not the fibrous leafy vegetables ones…Great show guys, thanks for sharing.

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