Episode 22 Talk Ultra

Episode 22 of Talk Ultra has a main interview with The North Face athlete Mike Wolfe on his transition from lawyer to full time ultra runner. Jez Bragg inspires us and provided a ‘coup’ at a The North Face press conference in London. Salomon runner and ‘Saffa’ Linda Doke tells us all about the super tough and iconic 100 miler Diagonale des Fous (Raid de la Reunion). Talk Training has pt2 on run technique, we have the news, a blog by Frosty, up and coming races and of course Speedgoat joins us for a Meltzer Moment and he co-hosts the show. It’s a packed one!

Show Notes


00:00:45 Show Start

00:01:19 Welcome Speedgoat

00:31:54 News

00:33:05 Jez Bragg releases news on his epic New Zealand adventure running 3054km in under 50 days from the north of NZ to the south – post here

00:55:35 Back to the news

01:07:20 Linda Doke from South Africa tells us what it was like running 170km’s at the iconic and super tough Diagonale des Fous (Raid de la Reunion) website

01:46:50 Back to the news

01:50:50 Blog with Frosty – here

01:53:00 Talk Training with Marc Laithwaite is pt2 of our discussion on run technique

02:16:50 Interview with TNF athlete Mike Wolfe – website

03:02:40 A Meltzer Moment with Speedgoat Karl

03:08:28 Up and coming races ahotu.com

03:09:55 Close




Website – talkultra.com

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