The Coastal Challenge #TCC2014 – Stage 5 Preview


Day 5 – Sierpe to Bahia Drake

Another long day at 47.5km but what a day and what a course awaits; the route provides a pure rainforest experience. Much of today’s route is in accessible by vehicles. In truth, they only true way to navigate this course is by foot or by boat. The trails are dense, technical and muddy but they interspersed with dramatic water crossings, plantations, small villages and as the stage comes to a close the sea awaits and the stunning Drakes Bay. It’s a paradise. The day starts with a short transfer and water crossing by boat. This is necessary to get all the runners on the correct side of the water. Leaving Sierpe a 5km climb awaits, from the summit, the route very much drops down to the finish with short sharp climbs at 22km, 39km and 43km. Three checkpoints at Sabalo (16.1km), Florida (26.2km) and Guerra (36.1km) are followed with a final water station at 41km. Today is arguably the toughest day for the TCC staff and team as gaining access to the course and route is extremely difficult.

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