Marathon des Sables 2023 #MDS – Arrival and Admin Day

Ragna Debats ©iancorless

The 37th Marathon des Sables is underway with over 1100 runners arriving in Morocco from over 50 different countries.

The iconic MDS camels ©iancorless

Arrival in to the Sahara for many was harsh, with strong and relentless sand storm lasting several hours, gladly they subsided for Patrick Bauer’s welcome to the desert.

Patrick Bauer ©iancorless

Saturday, is admin day. Each runner passes through protocols of equipment checks, health checks, bib collection and once dinner has been completed, self-sufficiency begins.


It has been a good first day with a great deal of apprehension, positivity, excitement and of course, an urge to ‘get underway!’

Stage 1 covering 36km with 2 aid stations is split in to 3 distinct sections. The early section is flat with a passing through Jebel Mech Irdane followed by soft-sand and Oued Rheris. Cp1 is followed by harde, faster terrain and small rolling hills that leads to dunettes and the arrival of Cp2. From here in, the running is good and fast to complete a potentially challenging first day of the 2023 MDS.

Rachid El Morabity ©iancorless

Rachid El Morabity and Ragna Debats are the hot favourites in 2023, read a preview HERE.


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1 thought on “Marathon des Sables 2023 #MDS – Arrival and Admin Day

  1. Hi! My son, Vincent Carroll (USA) who turn 16 in November is racing with my husband and Vincent’s stepfather, Gavin Sandford, who is the only person to complete the double MDS in 2016. Gavin and I first met at MDS 2016! This race is very special to our family and we plan to return in 2 yrs as a family when Vincent’s brother, Anthony Carroll, turns 16.

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