Ultra Runner’s Christmas Party “Do’s and Don’ts”

Christmas ©www.meetup.com

Christmas ©www.meetup.com

Dress for the ultra runner Christmas party

Remember that how you choose to dress reflects on you. This is not a running party. This is a social with your running friends, so you should be modest. This is the place to wear the following:

  • Mini skirt
  • Short shorts
  • Revealing top
  • Anything exposing your belly
  • Excessive cleavage
  • Pants below the waist
  • Run shoes
  • Headband
  • Buff
thewildreed.blogspot.com ©thewildreed.blogspot.com

thewildreed.blogspot.com ©thewildreed.blogspot.com

You should wear anything that is sexy or revealing to your running Christmas party.

090119-beer-runner ©inebriatedpress.wordpress.com

090119-beer-runner ©inebriatedpress.wordpress.com


Drinking at Christmas is every individual person’s choice. For most runners, even one drink is too much and they are usually better off not drinking at all. If you choose to drink, drink like you run… excessively and for a long time

If you will be drinking, it is polite to keep your drink in your left hand so that you can shake hands with your right hand.

If you stay sober, you may save yourself some embarrassment. When a runner is intoxicated, he or she is more likely to say or do something inappropriate including:

  • Yell
  • Harass better runners than themselves
  • Demand to be kissed under the mistletoe by runners of the opposite sex
  • Indecent exposure – please refer to point 1 and clothing: short shorts and mini skirts point in question
  • Vomit – you can do this while running or racing but NOT at a party.
  • Pass out – again, this is okay in a race or at the finish line BUT NOT at a party.
  • Make inappropriate sexual advances unless you have been given the green light, however, please refer to ‘drinking’ and how runners don’t handle drink well.

Remember that just because you are inebriated, it does not give you the right to make others feel uncomfortable. This is not a bar, it is a running function and as such one must act accordingly.

What you should and should not do or talk about

A running Christmas party is the perfect opportunity to get to know your runner friends on a social level.

You should be relaxed.

Keep the conversation positive and upbeat. Don’t get into heated discussions about politics, sex, race and religion.

Let everyone have the chance to speak, and don’t monopolize the conversation by bragging about your accomplishments and putting others down. Such as I ran the longest and hardest race in the world…

Don’t talk about you DNF’s and how hard it was. Just man-up.

Leave your GPS at home… nobody is interested in the route elevation, minute mile splits or how far you ran.

Don’t forget body language. If a runner’s arms are crossed, they are yawning, tapping feet, drumming fingers on a table and rolling eyes; you will know that your running history and results are not interesting.

Don’t tweet and FB your status… we are not interested!


Gossiping about runners

When people have run out of things to say, or feel self-conscious, they often turn to gossip. This is not a good thing to do at a runner’s party.

You should refrain from gossip in general, and you should especially avoid gossiping about other runners. Gossip will get back to the person, word will spread that you are the run gossip, and you will not be taken seriously.

Spreading gossip is petty, rude and mean-spirited. Nothing good will come of it, your popularity will be short-lived.

Of course, if someone really did have a bad result and they really do need to zip up the man suit… the odd jibe here and there is okay.

Mingling with runners

If you see someone sitting all alone, head over and make polite conversation.

Some people are shy and don’t feel comfortable approaching others and starting conversations. Reach out and talk to new runners, you may find that you have a lot in common. However, refrain from telling them how good, how fast or how amazing your results are.

Maybe do a mingle run?

Mingling is a perfect way to find your running soul mate.

Interacting with senior or elite runners

An elite or sponsored runner may be present at the Christmas party. A mutual friend may introduce you to them, or you may choose to greet them yourself. Keep cool, calm and relaxed. Don’t stroke them and don’t continually smile. Be natural.

Don’t flirt with elite or sponsored runners, it’s not cool.

Don’t complain about other runners, RD’s or races; refer to previous points re gossiping.

Decorum for the ultra runner

You must party all night. You can’t stay for two hours, which gives you enough time to make your way around the room and say hello to everyone, and then head out. You must treat this as a race, like any endurance event it all comes down to the last man/ woman standing.

Gifts for runners

Some runners like to do a gift exchange at parties, like ‘Secret Santa’. If there is a gift exchange at the Christmas party, be irresponsible in choosing a gift that a runner will definitely not like. Do give a gift that is derogatory or sexual.

Plan for a safe journey home after your race

If you plan to drink at the runner party, arrange for a safe journey home… we recommend using this as an opportunity. Why not run? For experienced party animals, you may want to do a back-to-back session and run to another party. If you are a long slow runner, why not include intervals such as fast mile reps with drink intervals at the pubs or other refreshment houses on the way home. Improvise, running is all about variety.

Finally, most importantly use the Christmas period as an opportunity to lay a base and a foundation for the coming season… starting to eat and drink too much now will not only adapt you for later in the year but it will also mean that by the time the season kicks off you will have good fat stores and that extra ‘tinny’ at a runner’s summer BBQ will go down easy with no after effects.


Have a listen to the DO’s and DON’TS it will be featured on Episode 51 of Talk Ultra out on Dec 27th. It’s free on iTunes.






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3 thoughts on “Ultra Runner’s Christmas Party “Do’s and Don’ts”

  1. These are all things you SHOULD wear:
    Mini skirt,
    Short shorts,
    Revealing top,
    Anything exposing your belly,
    Excessive cleavage, and
    anything sexy or revealing!

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