The Coastal Challenge #TCC2014 – Stage 3 Preview



Day 3 – Dominical to Ventanas Beach

Waterfalls, long hot beautiful beaches, water crossings and an idyllic campsite at Ventanas Beach make the longest stage (48-km) of the TCC one to remember. It embodies the Costa Rican coastline and as tired bodies fight fatigue a couple of stings in the tail await, particularly in the final few kilometers when a dense forest section leads to a final stretch of road. Four checkpoints await; Lulo Bridge (10.1km), La Florida (24.8km), Hermosa Beach (36.8km) and finally Coastal Hwy (43km). It’s a day that all the runners will remember… on fresh legs they will see the incredible waterfalls as the sun rises and if they are lucky, in the evening whilst recovering on the beach, the sight of Whales breaching the water may well provide a stunning end to the day as the sun disappears on the horizon.

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