Tromsö Skyrace 2015 – Race Images


What an incredible day in the mountains. Kilian and Emelie really did add some mountain meat to the bones of the Skyrunning calendar and the Skyrunner World Series.

It was a wet, grey, misty and claggy making mountain conditions difficult for all. In the ladies race, Emelie Forsberg came out on top in a highly competitive race and for the men, Jonathon Albon from the UK turned quite a few heads with an incredible performance.

Race summary to follow.


1. Emelie Forsberg 7:09:54
2. Mira Rai 7:23:09
3. Malena Haukøy 7:31:29

1. Jonathon Albon 6:08:41
2.  Luis Alberto Hernando 6:25:54
3. Rolf Einar Jensen 6:28:51

4 thoughts on “Tromsö Skyrace 2015 – Race Images

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