The Coastal Challenge 2023 #TCC2023 – Stage 6

The women’s podium, Katie Schide, Paolo Herrera and Tomomi Bitoh ©iancorless

The 2023 The Coastal Challenge concluded today in Bahiá Drake on the north side of the Osa Peninsula located on the coast of southwestern Costa Rica.

Party time on the trail ©iancorless

In many respects, the 2023 race concluded in regards to general classification after stage 5 when Didrik Hermansen opened up a 20-minute gap over race leader, Mathieu Blanchard.


It was clear as day 6 started that there would be no racing, instead a victory loop with friends.

Mathieu leading through Naguala waterfall ©iancorless

For the women, the same applied, Katie Schide ran conservatively enjoying the day. Tomomi Bitoh ran in 2nd place and Paolo Herrera took it easy finishing in 3rd with a 2nd place on GC confirmed.

Katie on the home straight to the finish ©iancorless

Stage 6 is a highlight of TCC with a loop that manages to encapsulate a little of everything that has gone before in the previous five stages. Gravel roads, river running, waterfall crossings, water crossing, beaches, rocks, coasteering and of course, heat and humidity.


It was a day to run slower, with friends, enjoy the views and get ready to relax and recover.

Tomomi 3rd place ©iancorless

As with all races, there was plenty of emotion at the finish line, tears, joy and relief.


Now it’s time to relax, hang up the run shoes and enjoy some down time. Next year is the 20th edition of TCC, already the plans are being made for a special edition.


Classification: (times to follow)

  • Didrik Hermansen
  • Mathieu Blanchard
  • Dani Jung

  • Katie Schide
  • Paolo Herrera
  • Tomomi Bitoh


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