The Coastal Challenge 2023 #TCC2023 – Stage 3

Didrik Hermansen ©iancorless

The ‘Queen Stage’ of The Coastal Challenge at 49km’s is for many, a highlight stage. Have no doubts though. it’s a tough one!

A rollercoaster day, the early km’s are spent boulder hopping through a river bed and then the impressive Nauyaca Waterfalls.

Nauyaca Waterfalls ©iancorless

Fire roads, steep climbs, brutal descents and eventually a beach section arrives before several water crossings and then a very demanding road section leading to camp 3.

It may come as no surprise that Mathieu Blanchard and Didrik Hermansen dominated the day. The duo battled it out foot-for-foot in an impressive display of tenacity, grit and endurance.

Didrik and Mathieu head-to-head ©iancorless

With less than 10km’s to go they were neck-and-neck, the final sections of road certainly would play in to the hands of Didrik.

Mathieu Blanchard ©iancorless

But no, the strength of Mathieu is currently off-the-scale and he managed to apply pressure and win by 2-minutes, 4:51 to 4:53 respectively.

Dani Jung chilling out ©iancorless

Dani Jung ran a solid day, with the withdrawal of Sebastian Krogvig and now Peter van der Zon, Dan’s 3rd place is secure and so he ran a smart race.

Katie Schide ©iancorless

For the women, Katie Schide set the pace early on and by the waterfall she already had a huge lead. When Marianne Hogan finally arrived, all was not well, she was suffering… Marianne would eventually drop at CP2 with a sprained ankle.

Paolo Herrera ©iancorless

This opened the door for Costa Rican, Paola Herrera to move into a strong 2nd place.Tomomi Bitoh now in 3rd.

Katie cooling down ©iancorless

Katie once again clinched victory with a huge margin, she just needs to now run smart for the remaining three days. Paolo is on a strong 2nd and Tomomi a secure 3rd. However, we are only halfway through TCC and the first three stages have only confirmed one thing, anything can happen!

Tomomi Bitoh ©iancorless

Stage 4 tomorrow at 35.5km and with 2434m+ is considered ‘a very tough day’ by the race organisation

Stage Results:

  • Mathieu Blanchard 4:51
  • Didrik Hermansen 4:53
  • Dani Jung 5:35

  • Katie Schide – tbc
  • Paolo Herrera – tbc
  • Tomomi Bitoh – tbc
Pura Vida ©iancorless


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