Episode 38 – Cooper, Campbell, Draney, Canepa



Episode 38 of Talk Ultra is all about Ronda dels Cims. We discuss the race and have interviews ‘live’ from Andorra with 3rd place Matt Cooper, 7th place Jared Campbell, 8th place Ty Draney and the ladies winner Francesca Canepa. Speedgoat talks Western States, we have a special Talk Training with Jez Bragg and we have the up and coming races for the next two weeks.

Show Notes
00:00:00 Start
00:25:40 News
00:39:10 Talk Training with TNF athlete Jez Bragg – If one person knows how to pack a rucksack and what to put in it for a long training session or race in the mountains, it is Jez Bragg. On this weeks Talk Training we discuss mandatory kit and discuss some of the options that are available and what we should consider. Jez Bragg HERE
01:01:45 Interviews
01:02:30 Matt Cooper from Australia came to the 2013 edition of Ronda dels Cims and had a stunning race. Not many people could fall into a freezing river in the middle of the night, climb out and then continue the race in sub zero temperatures and finish on the podium. Website HERE
01:25:04 Jared Campbell is somewhat a legend in ultra running. He has achieved so much… one of the few runners to finish the infamous Barkley, he is considered a tough guy of ultra running. Listen to what he thinks of the Ronda dels Cims course. Website HERE
01:52:00 Ty Draney has been running ultras for well over ten years, he has run 100’s and completed Hardrock 100. Ty expected Ronda dels Cims to be his toughest ever challenge. Was it? HERE
02:25:00 Francesca Canepa turned peoples heads in 2012 when she placed 2nd behind Lizzy Hawker at the TNF UTMB. Incredibly, just seven days later she raced Tor des Deants and won… her win at the 2013 edition of the Ronda dels Cims certainly puts her high up on a pedestal for long distance races. Website HERE
02:40:50 Meltzer Moment
02:49:20 Up and Coming Races
02:52:30 Close

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