Trans D’Havet 2013


The 80 km race with 5,500 m+  will take place on the border between the Veneto and the Trentino and will see the best “runners of the sky” try to win the European Skyrunning® Championship 2013. 

“Entries are going very well both for the main 80 km race, and for the 40 km half race (2,500 D+),” began the president of the organizing committee Enrico Pollini. “We have well over 500 registrations. They are going so well that we have decided to make the deadline for accreditation Monday, 15 July at midnight.” After that date, the organizing committee’s attention will be entirely focused on logistical and organizational aspects. “Together with our main sponsor Montura, who shares our passion and mission to spread the word about this sport, we are organizing three evenings at the Alpstation shops in Isera and Schio in which athletes, organizers and journalists will take part. It will be a good opportunity to talk about trail, understand its spirit and have fun together while waiting for the big event scheduled for Friday 26 and Saturday 27 July.” In the meantime, going by the hits on the website and social networks and from the numerous requests that the secretariat is receiving, adrenaline is on the increase. The organization is going smoothly and everything is underway for what looks like being a great event.
A quick look through the list of participants reveals important names such as:

Kilian Jornet, Luis Alberto Hernando, Manuel Diez, Julien Chorier, Philipp Reiter, Emelie Forsberg, Nuria Picas, Nuria Dominguez…

There is also, of course, a large number of Italians, including:

Filippo Canetta, Stefano Ruzza, Matteo Pigoni, Ivan Geronazzo, Stefano Trisconi, Chiara Colonnello and the novice Laura Besseghini.


Detailed Programme of the Event:

Thursday, 18 July 
Schio Alpstation
8:30 pm the “Montura & Trail” evening

Tuesday, 23 July 
Isera Alpstation
8:30 pm the “Montura & Trail” evening

From 23 to 25 July 
Training and reconnaissance of the route

Thursday, 25 July 
The Gino Soldà Room – Campogrosso
3:00 pm International Skyrunning Federation Technical Seminar
Schio Alpstation
8.30 pm Trans d’Havet presentation, followed by a party for the athletes and race staff

Friday, 26 July 
The Gino Soldà Room – Campogrosso
3:00 pm International Skyrunning Federation Technical Seminar
Piovene Rocchette – Piazzale Vittoria
5:00 pm zero edition Grand Raid start

Saturday, 27 July 
Piovene Rocchette – Piazzale Vittoria
0:00 am race check-in
1:00 am Ultra Trail start
Pian delle Fugazze – Ristoro Magna e Bevi
9:00 am Trail Marathon start
Valdagno historic centre – Piazza Garibaldi
10:00 am arrival of first Ultra Trail competitors foreseen
1:00 pm arrival of first Trail Marathon competitors foreseen
6:00 pm prize-giving

Sunday, 28 July 
Downhill Race
Montefalcone sella Campetto 11:00 am start
Recoaro Mille 11:10 am first competitors pass through
Recoaro Terme – Via Lelia, 11:30 am arrival of first competitors
Recoaro Terme – Piazza Amedeo di Savoia, 1:00 pm prize-giving

Programme, enrolments, side events, logistics and further