Nepal Appeal – #NepalEarthquake


I have been very fortunate to visit Nepal and work on the Everest Trail Race twice, I hope to return again in 2015.

Nothing can quite prepare you for the beauty of the place, it’s magical in its chaos. But no matter how beautiful the scenery is, the people really are the highlight; so warm, so giving, so generous and they smile… they smile a great deal!

The current tragedy that is facing Kathmandu and all the surrounding areas is heart breaking.

It’s never easy to watch a tragedy unfold and listen to the appeals of charities. I made a donation, I worked on the principal that no matter how much I gave, if we all do the same then it amounts to a bigger total that can be used for good.

It actually took my partner, Niandi, to think of the idea but she said, ‘why don’t you sell images as prints and donate the money?’ 

I then thought of my FACES of NEPAL project. I diid this in November 2014 and the whole series of images are available on my website

The idea was so simple it was beautiful. So, that is what is happening. All the ‘FACES of NEPAL‘ are now available to purchase as a print and prices start from as little as £7.00 for a 6″x4″ paper print. Look at this as adopting a person and helping someone in Nepal in this difficult time. ALL MONEY FROM THE PRINT SALES WILL BE DONATED.

Please view the image gallery HERE

All proceeds will go to OXFAM using the donation page here.

To purchase a print click on the red ‘Buy It’ button and then you will be provided with three options. Paper Prints offer the cheapest solution and prices start at £7.00 for a print.

Many thanks.