Hoka One One news


I have just spent a day with Mark and Steve who are the distributors of Hoka One One in the UK. Always great to catch up with these guys and look at what is coming up from the land of Hoka. In this case, 2013.

The big news; TWO NEW SHOES!

A stripped down trail shoe called RAPA NUI COMP is the first highlight. It has all the benefits of the Hoka One One range such as the rocker profile and bucket seat but this shoe has ‘less’ cushioning to give more ‘feel’ under the foot. In contrast to conventional trail shoes this new shoe still offers great cushioning but NOT to the extent of the Stinson Evo or Mafate 2.

On the trail now you have three choices: Mafate 2 for the rough tough and muddy stuff, Stinson Evo for a more refined trail shoe with less grip and a more streamlined feel than the Mafate 2 and of course now, the Rapa Nui Comp which is an out and out trail racing shoe for hard trail.

Following the ‘stripped down’ feel is a NEW road shoe, the KAILUA COMP.

The shoe shown here is currently a prototype and will change slightly for 2013. Basically the ‘glossy’ effect on the toe box and tongue will go and be replaced with a ‘matt’ finish. As with the Rapa Nui Comp this is a stripped down Hoka One One with rocker profile and bucket seat but with a little less cushioning to provide an increased feel for the road. This will be a great shoe for marathon or below. Again, Hoka One One will now have three shoes for road. Bondi B is a great long distance road or even hard trail shoe, the Stinson Evo Tarmac is a long distance racing shoe (see below) and the new Kailua Comp offers a lighter weight and lower profile shoe for the out and out road racer.

Finally, available now! is the NEW Stinson Evo Tarmac

The Stinson Evo Tarmac is an evolution of the Stinson Evo Trail shoe but with a road sole. It is a fast shoe for distance road running. As with the Evo it comes with two insoles and two lacing options; speed lacing or conventional. The shoe offers a more precise fit over the Bondi B and is a little narrower in the toe box. Availability in the UK will be very limited with just 50 pairs  until delivery of 2013 sock expected March.

You can purchase or order Hoka One One here