Kilian Jornet shares his journey at Diagonale des Fous



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Hello ! Here for the third year in the Diagonale des Fous! And what a diagonal ! Strong emotions …

1 . The Asphalt is annoying … and dangerous!
Three weeks ago,in UROC , a 100km in the United States with 50km of asphalt and ” semi- roads ” I hurt my TFL ( tensor fascia latta ) the lack of habit of running on hard surfaces and flat ( I had run maximum 20km in asphalte this summer ) caused me inflammation which lasted during training until now. I told myself to try, that maybe the pain will “disappeared ” but (error) injuries do not just disappear .

2 . the race
Bravo François d’Haene! he makes a great race , too happy for him ! It gonna be his wine? 😉
We left on a easy start with long runnable 40km and from the beginning I felt the pain, which worsened from the 14 km . In uphills in small steps, I did not hurt. But when I wanted to make bigger steeps or in the descent it was impossible. I was a little disappointed because I felt in great shape and in good condition, but each race is a world we must learn to re- adapt . It is therefore Cilaos I decided not to compete but to make the race.

3 . Reunion is exceptional!
And going slowly I could really enjoy everything about the race, the beautiful scenery ( mafate , Maido , the sea .. ) of the buffee and aidstations ( without the stress of the struggle for the victory I could eat cari-poulet, rougail-saucisse and pâtés créole ) Enjoy also sharing with lots of spectators that day and night were everywhere (yes all around ) to encourage all the runners. Run with lots of people, François , Pascal Didier , Quentin , David, Emelie… And of course the wonderful massages that have kept me going , five in total. Thank you Antonella , Thibaut and Urko .

4 . to quit or not…..

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