Arun across India

A play on words? yes! Arun Bhardwaj is planning to run across India starting on October 1st. The 43 yr old is planning to run for 60 days from Kargil to Kanyakumari, a distance of some 4000k.

No stranger to longer distances, Arun has completed Badwater and typically churns out 160-200k weeks.

On doing a little probing I found some interesting facts:

  • A ‘T’ totaller and Vegetarian
  • Apparently only sleeps 4 hours a day
  • Misses 1 night of sleep every week in preparation for ultra running
  • During his India run he plans to start at 50k per day but then build to 90k
  • and finally, rumour has it that when he won the George Archer six day, because he couldn’t get adequate vegetarian food he consumed 24 bananas and a half kilo of honey

You can’t make this stuff up can you….