Episode 16 – Samantha Gash

On the show we speak to South African Linda Doke in Zinal, we catch up with Terry Conway from the UK and break some great news upon the ultra world. Ian Sharman joins the show for the news and Talk Training is back. Our interview is with Australian, Samantha Gash and Speedgoat Karl chews the ultra fat in a Meltzer Moment. We mention three blogs, discuss the up and coming races and get ready for UTMB.

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Show Notes


00:00:45 Show Start

00:02:23 Linda Doke –  Linda been running for about 18 years, always with a preference for long distance and ultras. She was a roadie for the first 10 years, but came to her senses in 2004, when she moved to Cape Town and found trail. And she has never looked back…. I caught up with Linda just before she ran Sierre Zinal.

00:19:50 Terry Conway – Press Release HERE

00:25:00 News with Ian Sharman

00:52:10 Talk Training with Marc Laithwaite

01:11:30 Blogs

  • Linda Doke who I do a short interview with in this weeks show has a nice write up about Sierre Zinal. BLOG
  • Craig Thornley writes an interesting blog post on Ham Radio. BLOG
  • Jared Campbell writes about his Nolans 14 success – an epic Mountain Adventure in the Sawatch Mountains of Colorado. The route was 104 miles and tokk Jared and Matt Hart 58 hrs 58 min. BLOG

01:12:14 Interview with Samantha Gash –  As a recent graduate of a double degree in Law and Performing Arts (with honours), Samantha Gash may seem like another run-of-the-mill 20-something-year-old struggling to find the right balance and direction for her life to take… it takes less than a minute’s worth of conversation with Samantha to realize that she is exactly the opposite. Even the briefest glance at her life experiences to date reveals a truly outstanding, unique, and above all, inspiring student, worker, athlete and person. Incredibly well rounded with a finger in every high-achieving pie, Samantha has found time where no one else could to work up an impressive and ever-growing list of life achievements.

01:58:20 A Meltzer Moment with Speedgoat Karl

02:15:25 Races

02:17:00 Show Close