#256CHALLENGE December 2016 – Are you up for it?


In 2015, we came up with a challenge to run 256 miles in one month. Yes, 256 miles! December can be a tough time for many when the motivation to get outdoors can be hard. So….

Who fancies the #256CHALLENGE ?

Kick start 2017 feeling strong and motivated with a fantastic base of endurance from which to build.

How does it work?

Well actually it is pretty simple…

For the first 16 days of December you run the miles that correspond to the day. 1-mile on the 1st, 2 on the 2nd, 3 on the 3rd and so on to the 16th.


On the 17th you go back down… 15, 14, 13, 12 and so on.

It’s a brilliant pyramid session and one that will give you 256-miles for the month of December. No one day is too long but just look at the week of the 12th when you will rack up 99 miles. For many that may well be a ‘normal’ training week but for most it will be the biggest week of their training life!

The advantage of the #256CHALLENGE is that it builds slowly, stresses you (and probably makes you overreach) and then allows you to step back down gradually, allowing for recovery and all in time for a serious blow out for the New Year!

Who is in?

To help add additional motivation we encourage you to monitor and share your progress. You can download a log sheet PAGES HERE (for Mac) or EXCEL HERE (for word).

Share your daily runs on Facebook and Twitter using #256CHALLENGE log your runs on one of the log sheets above and ideally upload your run sessions to Strava. Once December is completed forward your log sheets and we will pick a winner.

The first person drawn from the hat will receive a signed copy of

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