Salomon S-Lab EXO Twinskin Skort



You are going to have to trust me on this one… I don’t wear a ‘Skort’ often but I have seen Emelie Forsberg and Anna Frost in them throughout 2012.

Now of course they are Salomon sponsored athletes but believe me, if they didn’t tick the boxes and if they were not completely comfortable, they would be choosing another item to wear within the Salomon range.

‘Skorts’ are an unusual item. Initially they were frowned upon by many… my partner included, but it would appear that once you wear one there is no going back!

Emelie Forsberg copyright Ian Corless

Emelie Forsberg copyright Ian Corless

Skorts are basically a tight fitting short (like cycling shorts) with a loose ‘over’ fabric. Now I am guessing here but the functional side is quite obvious. The tight shorts provide close fitting comfort and the loose overlay provides some modesty.

The EXO short is a compression product and as such holds the leg muscles tightly providing reduced muscle fatigue and postural support by increasing blood flow. Within the shorts are an additional inner brief for comfort.

The compression reduces muscle vibration and from all the ladies I have spoken to who have used the Skort they have all come back with similar comments: “I could feel the tightness of the compression holding my muscles and restricting vibration but in a very comfortable way. It didn’t feel restrictive”.

Of course this hold and compression not only reduces fatigue whilst running but it also aid the recovery process. In both the mens EXO shorts and the ladies EXO Skort a universal comment of “legs feel less tired and trashed the next day” is common

The EXO fabric has actiLITE material and this is strategically positioned to be thinner in certain places to allow the body to loose more heat. They have a high waistband with pockets included. The S-Lab range is all about functionality and it is these pockets in conjunction with EXO fabric that sets these products apart from much of the competition. The pockets can carry a small jacket rolled up, gloves, gels, a phone, money or whatever small essential items that may be needed. The pockets have a ‘tab’ to make access easy and of course if you use the Skort with the 2013 S-Lab Light Jacket (HERE) they make the perfect combination.

The S-Lab range is all about making products that perform at the highest level. They allow freedom of movement and offer additional functionality. This, as always, comes at a price so expect to pay in the region of £90 in the UK.

Anna Frost at Cavalls del Vent copyright Ian Corless

Anna Frost at Cavalls del Vent copyright Ian Corless


Light postural support, muscle compression and improved blood flow, these shorts improve performance without chaffing.

    • EXO SENSIFIT STABILITY – Run easier: better alignment of your body allows you to run easier on uneven trails downhill & uphill. Run longer: Reduce cramping, muscle soreness, saving energy & preventing injuries. +5% of muscle performance. Recover better: Improve recovery time. +11% of active recovery.
    • Twinskin technology – skin fit under-shorts, loose fitting over-skirt
    • Ultralight, flexible ACTILITE™ Stretch Woven outer skirt material that is light and breathable
    • ACTILITE Stretch Mesh – lightweight & breathable waist construction
    • 3  Pockets for gels, gloves, jacket etc
    • Skin fit
    • Inseam length: 23 cm


    • ACTILITE™ STRETCH WOVEN material – light, flexible and breathable
    • ACTILITE STRETCH MESH – highly breathable mesh
    • Inner Brief: PA 78%; EL 22%
    • Shell: PES 88%; EL 12%
    • Overlay: PU 100%
    • Waistband: PA 59%; EL 41%
    • Weight: 140g

Salomon website HERE