Triumph Sports Bra Review – Hybrid Star P

Hybrid Star FrontI’ve been trying to get my hands on a pair of these for a while… I mean the Sports bra of course! Triumph don’t do a product for my ‘Moob’ size so I had to ask Niandi Carmont to step in with the ‘real thing’ and do a thorough test of the Hybrid Star P.

Breast Tissue and Running

Mammary glands, breasts, boobs ……whatever you wish to call those exercise-unfriendly puppies were not meant or designed for intense exercise in mind. This does not mean that we as female athletes weren’t meant to exercise but that our breasts need extra support and protection when we do.

Apart from the obvious discomfort of wearing ill-fitting, ineffective support, why is it so important to us? There are multiple reasons for this:

  • The breasts’ rich vascular supply makes them particularly vulnerable to internal bleeding.
  • Excessive bounce or motion during exercise may cause pain and aggravate sagging or stretch marks.
  • Bouncing breasts make most women feel self-conscious.

So what is breast tissue exactly? Well, breasts (sorry guys!) are chiefly composed of hormone-sensitive mammary glands, fatty tissue and connective tissue. So there is absolutely no muscle there ….. The pectorals major and minor muscles lie underneath the breasts, but the breasts themselves have no supporting ligaments or muscle tissue.

Choosing the correct sports bra

There are many on the market and the best would be to try them on as we are all different in terms of cup size, back size, skin sensitivity and exercise requirements. The best way to judge is try the bra on and jump and jog in front of the changing-room mirror. There should be zero bounce!

A compressive bra, which functions like a binder is better for a woman with small breasts (A or B cup size). A woman with large breasts (C cup size and larger) needs a firmer, supportive bra that encapsulates the breasts individually.

Hybrid Star Front

TRIUMPH’S Triaction Hybrid Star Non-Wired Sports Bra

I recently tested a range of Triumph’s sports bras and was particularly impressed with this model. I have always seemed to struggle with getting the right bra as I am a B cup but have a wide back so find the bras are either too tight-fitting across my back and chafe and cut into the skin or the cup size is too big and does not offer adequate support. I usually take a 36B but for this particular model 34B was a good fit. The bra comes in a variety of colors: white, black with red trim, grey with pink trim.

This particular model is designed for extreme level activity (running) although Triumph also makes sports bras for medium and high intensity. The Hybrid can also be used for other forms of intense exercise like power walking and speed hiking.

Hybrid Star Rear

The material is soft, comfortable and fast-drying with great wicking properties. There’s nothing worse than changing your run top for a dry one after an event and having to put up with a clammy, sweaty cold bra underneath.

The encapsulating cups are firmly molded and fit nicely over your breasts offering great support and comfort. There is no chafing from the straps which are extra wide, slightly padded at the top and impact absorbing.

Another feature I really appreciate is that the bra is non-wired and for me that is a condition sine qua non – I’ve had so many bras leave chafing, red markets under breasts due to wire, tight elastic or seams.

It is also unlike many sports bras in that it fastens with hook and eye so easy to put on and remove after an event.

During my run I felt comfortable, there was zero bounce and no unpleasant red marks from chafing under the breasts and shoulder straps.

And if you like to look when you exercise like I do, it looks great under sports clothing – none of this flattened breast look – you actually look curvy without the bounce!

The product retails at about £40 which is good value if you look at rival products offering similar quality.



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Fusion Star

Triumph Fusion Star N 34B

The TriAction Fusion Star N sports bra features:

  • Pleasantly soft and quick-drying fabrics with an antibacterial effect that perfectly adapt to your run.
  • Highly breathable, moisture wicking fabric ensures optimum wearing comfort.
  •  Seam free tailoring and a special bonding technique prevent annoying seams.
  • Non-wired comfort and support.

Triumph Fusion Star W 34B

The TriAction Fusion Star W bra features:

  • Pleasantly soft quick-drying fabric
  • Optimum moisture-wicking
  • High breathability
  • Odor regulating and anti-bacterial effect
  • No annoying seams – bonding technique
  • Comfort wire which flex and adapt to your movement.