Pre Race Nerves!

A lack of eye contact.

Head dropped low.

A runner sits down opposite and breaks the thoughts, space interrupted!

Gaunt in features with eyes deeply recessed into his face, this is a runner on the edge.

Is it the expectation of competition and personal pressure to succeed that keeps him in this solitary world or is he a loner?

A question comes from the runner opposite. It’s unwelcome.

Without lifting his eyes a mumbled response.


Eyes remain down. His right hand returns the fork to the plate and with his index finger he raises his glasses and rubs vigorously at his eye!

Eyes now read with irritation he sets his chin on his left hand, sighs and forces a response from within.

The desire to get away from conversation is visible. He squirms in his seat.

A failed attempt to leave provides an opportunity for another question.

This time, no answer.

He stands, nods and without a word leaves.

Tomorrow is race day!