Volta Cerdanya Ultrafons 2014

Eugeni Roselló - VCUF 2013

The Tour Cerdanya; take paths linking the towns of the region or neighboring regions, it is a wonderful environment to explore and discover… it is one of the most beautiful valleys in Europe for its breadth and its sunshine. A place where athletes such as Kilian Jornet and Emma Roca have spent hours and hours running and discovering. It is a magnificent corner of the world that is surrounded by four peaks, Carlit Puigpedrós, Tossa Plana Lles and Puigmal; they dominate the plains.

The Volta Cerdanya Ultrafons consists of four key races:


Perfil VCUF 2014 - rut

Data: 6th

Start: Puigcerdà

Distance: 214 km

Elevation: +10.000 m

Elevation: -10.000 m



Perfil VCT 2014 - rut

Date: 7th

Start: Alp
 Arribada: Puigcerdà

Distance: 87,5 km

Elevation: +4.410 m

Elevation: -4.365 m



Perfil CMC 2014 - rut

Date: 8th

Start: La Tor de Querol

Arrival: Puigcerdà

Distance: 37,6 km

Elevation: +2.095 m

Elevation: -2.160 m



Perfil CPMC 2014 - rut

Data: 7th

Start: Bellver de Cerdanya

Arrival: Martinet

Distance: 12,8 km

Elevation: +530 m

Elevation: -617 m

Nuria Picas (Buff) has confirmed her participation in the Tour Cerdanya Trail (87 km race) this comes as a surprise after her withdrawal from Zegama-Aizkorri. However, Nuria must feel strong and will use this as preparation for the Skyrunning World Championships at the end of June.


Nuria is one of the best mountain runners in the world and currently leads the UTWT (Ultra Trail World Tour) after impressive wins at Transgrancanaria, UTMF and TNF100.


Judith Franch (inov-8), along with Berta Moreno, Djanina Freytag and Xari Adrian are strong candidates to become the new champions this weekend in Catalonia Cerdanya.

Who else should we watch out for?


  • Eugeni Roselló winner of The Spine in the UK will be a strong contender
  • Eduardo Perez
  • Ganuza, David Vallverdu
  • Olga Manko


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Almost all Spanish/Catalan, but great names indeed:

  • Jordi “Toti” Bes (Esports Nabes team)
  • Gerard “Blacky” Morales (Buff),
  • Pau Bartoló (Buff)

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  • Arnau Julià (Buff) is not sure if he’ll run 87K or 37K.
  • Karim El Hayani (from Morocco, runs in sandals and was fourth a few weeks ago in a Spanish Cup race),
  • Berta Moreno,
  • Isaac Torija,
  • Ignasi Vilà
  • And two Tarahumara Indians from Mexico: Silvino Cuberas and Arnulfo Quimare.


  • Emma Roca is the best known here and hot favourite.
  • Kilian Jornet used to run this distance but he’s attempting Denali (McKinley) as part of his Summits project.
  • Pau Zamora (Buff),
  • Marc Pinsach
  • Diego Marin


Pablo Vigil!

P in CPMC is for “popular” so there are no elite runners (apart from Pablo, of course!), some famous TV presenters, writers, doctors and so… More than 200 people take part making VCUF a big event.

The Region

The Catalan Cerdanya region is an area of natural beauty that has unique traits such as, terrain, climate and history that give a very particular character. Cerdanya is one of the widest valleys of Europe, with a minimum altitude of 1000 feet). Cerdanya’s east-west orientation provides around about 3,000 hours of sunshine a year. The mountain range consists of the Sierra del Cadi (western half) of the Sierra Moixerò and others as eastern most massifs Tossa d’Alp and Puigllançada, and the bulk of Pedraforca as Berguedá. The diversity and beauty is very clear: from the pure features of the Mediterranean to alpine levels. The area has sub-Mediterranean forests, beech forests, boreal forests of pine and sub-alpine coniferous forests, with pine and fir. The vegetation of the park is considered of special interest, because of the low temperatures and high humidity in the area and its altitude contributed to the existence of species that are not typical of the Mediterranean area, but in northern Europe and the European high mountains. Cerdanya is a great place to enjoy sport in a unique environment that offers a wide range of possibilities for any kind; mountain bike, trails, Nordic skiing, skiing, golf, horse riding, fishing, mountaineering, climbing, snowshoeing … the region has endless possibilities.


Website http://www.ultrafons.com


Volta Cerdanya Ultrafons 2013

VCUF 2013 OK


In the second edition of the Volta Cerdanya Ultrafons due to take place on the 7th, 8th & 9th of June the 85km Volta Cerdanya Trail has been added to the ultraendurance Catalan Cup. The VCUF consists of four races in different places of Catalaonia.


The main event is the 215km Volta Cerdanya Ultrafons is on the calendar of the SUMMUM *(six mountain ultramarathons, one aim) Ultracup, the first Spanish circuit of mountain races. *In Spanish (Seis Ultra Maratones de Montaña, Una Meta)

Gael Piguillem/Volta Cerdanya Ultrafons

Gael Piguillem/Volta Cerdanya Ultrafons

The races are supported by Kilian Jornet and the race organisers respectfully credit Kilian as the main inspiration for making the ‘sport’ so popular with athletes who are interested in this level of difficulty.

The VCUF will be the fourth race in the SUMMUM calendar and the other races are:

  • Ultra Sierras del Bandolero
  • Lanzarote Lava Trail
  • Penyagolosa Trails
  • Xtreme Lagos de Covadonga
  • Guadarrama Trail Race

The VCUF covering 215km’s with over 9000m of vertical gain will be a real test for all participants.

Who will be taking part?

This race may very well have slipped many peoples radar but I don’t know why? I only need to mention one name and interest will soon spark, Kilian Jornet.

Kilian Jornet at Cavalls del Vent copyright Ian Corless

Kilian Jornet at Cavalls del Vent copyright Ian Corless

Yes, Kilian has added the VCUF to his calendar and he will be joined by his Salomon teammate, Tòfol Castanyer. Other notable names are Toti Bes and Marc Pinsach.

Tofol Castanyer at Cavalls del Vent copyright Ian Corless

Tofol Castanyer at Cavalls del Vent copyright Ian Corless

Notable interest from a UK perspective is the inclusion of the 2013 The Spine Race winner, Eugeni Roselló. The Spine Race has gained a reputation as Britain’s most brutal race. Eugeni from Catalan covered the 460km (268 mile) race in 5 days 4 hours and 52 minutes. Taking place in the winter, Eugeni had to combat some extremely harsh UK conditions to reach the finish line.

The Spine Race at the finish

The Spine Race at the finish

After abondoning the race in 2012 due to some pain issues, Eugeni Roselló hopes he will be able to complete the VCUF in 2013.

More updates and information will be provided as and when we have it. However, if you are looking for a race that will test you, the VCUF may very well be a race that you want to add to your schedule for June 2013.

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