HYDRATION – A Revelation

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This is not your normal hydration article. 

It is fair to say, that this article has nothing to do about being hydrated. In reality, it is almost certainly about being in the opposite state of hydration.

Ten years ago, I was a T-Totaling cyclist, Ironman and runner. I didn’t desire alcohol, I had no need to be fair. When I did drink it was for social reasons. I guess you could say, I was ‘fitting in.’

In 2008, all that changed.

To be clear, 2008 was a tough year with divorce, job loss, and my Dad getting cancer. It’s enough to make anyone drink but I was already drinking before… nothing excessive, glass of wine here, glass of wine there. But events in 2008 and then 2009 saw me drink more.

Ten years on I now drink a great deal!

Am I an alcoholic? No.

But if I was, would I know?

Anyway, in the last 5-years my consumption has increased and a bottle of wine every day is normal. But I would say in the last 24-months and in particular, the last 12-months, I have seen that consumption increase. A bottle of wine is normal daily but if I meet friends, eat out, or if working on a race, then I can drink more.

It has become normal.

I have recently asked and questioned myself:

‘Are you are drinking too much!?’

It’s hard to be objective but I think deep down I have known the answer.

Thing is, I can leave drink alone and I don’t crave or need it. I therefore convinced myself I was okay. A good example is working on a multi-day race like Marathon des Sables. I am in the Sahara Desert and there is no alcohol unless I take it with me. I don’t take any and I don’t miss it.

So, all is okay then!?

I guess not and that is the reason for this post.

This last weekend, someone very dear and important to me, looked me in the eye and said:

‘Ease back on the booze!’

This friend was not judging, it was out of love and caring that our eyes met and this advice was relayed to me. 

It’s not always easy to be objective, one can always find an excuse for anything and one can convince oneself that all is okay.

But these words were all I needed.

I decided there and then to stop.

So yesterday, I stopped drinking.

This is not one of those posts that says drinking is bad, no. It’s a post to say that sometimes you need the love of a friend and a personal acceptance that you need to change things.

Today I change and I thank my special friend from the bottom of my heart for the honesty and trust.

Maybe you have been asking a similar question of yourself and this post can help you. I hope so.