Legends! what if… Ann Trason


I posted today on my Talk Ultra Facebook page, ‘Question? Who is excited to see how Scott Jurek does at Leadville 100 on the 17th August… I am for sure!’

Now, Scott is a legend of the sport, but for a while now he hasn’t raced in anger… to be honest, he has hardly raced! He has paced Anton Krupicka at Leadville and most recently he paced Seb Chaigneau at Hardrock 100, but, Scott has not toed a line for himself for some time. Probably the 24-hour was his last big race when he set an American record?

Now of course, he may be just turning up at Leadville to run for fun. I am sure all will become clear… to be honest, I am not too concerned. First or last, I for one am just going to be really happy to see him out on the trails.

With that in mind, I was thinking, who else would I love to see back in the mountains, back on the single track mixing it up with everyone else?

I laughed a little.

Of course, I would love to see Ann Trason back in a race again.

Then I thought to myself, my good buddy, Marcus Warner over at Ultra168 told me how Ann was pacing at Western States this year. In actual fact, Marcus spoke with her and ran with her. So, never say never!


My email alerts me…

The contents are simple. Just a link. A link that says, click HERE

Now I know who this email is from, so my concerns about it being a problematic email are eased, however, I do wonder, is it a joke? If I click ‘here’ what will happen?

I press.

It’s a list of runners.

At the top it says, ‘2013 IMTUF 100 – Idaho Mountain Trail Ultra Festival – Registered Entrants’

I look down.

BINGO! all becomes clear.

RANK it says 99.5%

AGE RANK it says, 100%,

RESULTS it says, 51,

TARGET it says, 34:24:53,

F53 and the name…

ANN TRASON, Kensington, CA

Now, lets get one think clear. Ann Trason has been away from our sport for a long time. To see her name on a start sheet means just one thing.

She is back running.

For me, that is enough… I won’t discuss what can she do, why, what if or maybe.

All I want to say is, welcome back Ann.

This list below says it all.


51 races, 49 wins.

Ann Trason Page 1

Ann Trason Page 2

 Idaho Mountain Trail Ultra Festival website HERE

Ann Trason on Ultra Signup HERE