Gordy Ainsleigh and Western States

Image by Hough Boy

Seems appropriate that with Western States just literally days away that maybe we all should remind ourselves how this race started…

August 3rd 1974, Gordy Ainsleigh was the first to run the course of the Western States Endurance Run. At the time, the trail was used only by horses participating in the 24-hour Western States Trail Ride. When his horse went lame prior to the race, Ainsleigh decided he would run the torturous 100 miles (160 km) of mountain trail. This was the beginning of the Western States Endurance Run.

Listen to the Talk Ultra interview here:

Gordy Ainsleigh

Talk Ultra – Episode 11

Episode 11 of Talk Ultra is now coming together… although not a Western States special it does have a big emphasis on the race.

We interview Jez Bragg from the UK who has placed 3rd and 4th in previous years. Will he move higher up the podium in 2012?

On 15 minutes of fame we speak with Greg and Dean from The African Attachment – they are currently putting together a series of short films for Salomon. At this years Western States they will follow Ryan Sandes.

In a Meltzer Moment I discuss the ‘odds’ with Karl Meltzer and he gives us his predictions for 1,2 and 3 in both the ladies and Mens races.

In Talk Training I discuss race nutrition with Marc Laithwaite and of course we will have all the news, reviews and a list of up and coming races.

Want to know how Western States started? Listen to my interview with Gordy Ainsleigh HERE. Gordy was the first person ever to run the 100 miles and the rest is history…

If you need some visual inspiration, watch this Salomon film from 2011 showing KIlian Jornet and some words from Gordy.

Episode 11 will be available on Friday 15th June here