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Big shout out here to my buddy, James at GoTrail for getting this incredible project off the ground and showcasing some of the best in trail movies.

I am eager to see the Marco Olmo film, ‘The Runner‘ but I am equally stoked to see that friends, Dean & Greg from The African Attachment will be showing ‘Collective Dreams‘. Collective Dreams is a film that delves into the professional world of trail running – a sport rapidly growing and changing around the world. At its core, trail running is a solitary pursuit born out of a love of the mountains. The film follows a group of individuals finding their way in this new professional world and, as they learn and gain experience, they are brought together by this common bond as a team and as friends.

The Trails in Motion Film Festival is a project aimed at creating an artistic and engaging platform to showcase the imaginative and awe-inspiring trail running film productions of both local and international film makers.

The objective is to not only capture the true spirit of trail running through the screening of high quality films and documentaries, but ultimately develop an exciting social and visual experience for everyone who shares a connection with the trail and a deep appreciation for the creative expression of others.

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Ryan Sandes


Guest Host – Ryan Sandes

It has only taken four short years for ultra-marathon ace Ryan Sandes to rise to the very top of his game, earning the prestigious honor of winning all four of the 4Deserts events. He received this record-breaking accolade after a first place result in the Last Desert event in Antarctica at the end of 2010. The human running machine from South Africa led the 250km event from start to finish, battling challenging sub-zero temperatures and treacherous conditions with ice underfoot on the hilly course.

With his focus now shifted to some of the world’s premier single staged 100 kilometer and 100 mile endurance races, Ryan continues to work hard at achieving his goals, all the while maintaining the balance of life. More recently, Ryan’s achievements have included a win at the 2011 Leadville Trail 100, the 2012 TNF100 in Australia, a second place finish at the 2012 Western States 100 as well as a record breaking run through the Fish River Canyon in Namibia towards the end of 2012.


Emilie Lecomte | portrait of a trail runner

Runtime: 6 minutes

Directed by:

Produced by:  Quechua & Montagne TV


Il Corridore | The Runner


Runtime: 52 minutes

Directed by: Paolo Casilas and Stefana Scarafia

Produced by:  BODA’


Mountain Of Greatness

Runtime: 24 minutes

Directed by: Andrew King

Produced by:  D4 Productions


Collective Dreams | The Documentary

Runtime: 26 minutes

Directed by: Dean Leslie

Produced by:  Greg Fell



Marco Olmo – The Runner

Runtime: 52 minutes

Directed by: Paolo Casilas and Stefana Scarafia

Produced by:  BODA’

Marco Olmo is a living legend of extreme ultra-running. In his “previous lives”, as he says, he has been a farmer, a truck driver and a workman. Running has became his reason for living, the way to take revenge on his hard destiny. At the age of 58 he has became Ultra-trail World Champion, winning the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc in France, the hardest and most important endurance race in the world. make no mistake about it, this is no easy feat: over twenty hours of uninterrupted running, 167 km (over 100 miles) and a circumnavigation of the tallest mountain in Europe. An almost unimaginable specialty, where mental and physical training and personal motivations are fundamental.
Despite age, physical problems and always younger and more prepared opponents, he doesn’t want to stop. For one year he prepares for the new edition of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. This competition, which for two consecutive times has consecrated him as the champion, could become the last of his career. Marco must win, to show himself that he can still do it.
This is his story.

Meet the Film Makers HERE



Timothy Olson – Go Trail

My good friend James Hallet today re launched Go Trail. A labour of love, James has worked hard to provide a great online magazine for trail running with a great new look. It is available free or for just $10 you can get all 6 issues for a year with unlimited viewing.

I have two articles in the new edition. The first on Timothy Olson, winner of Western States 100 in 2012.

You can listen to the audio HERE

Skyrunning South Africa – press release

South African trail running takes to the Sky official press release – 24nd May, 2012

In 1991, an Italian man by the name of Marino Giacometti (pictured left) introduced the world to a brand new concept of running. Traversing some of Europe’s highest peaks including Monta Rosa in northern Italy and Mont Blanc in France, Giacometti’s dream was to create a series of unique and challenging mountain running events that encapsulated the true meaning of “running in the clouds”. A few years later, and with the first high altitude trial hosted on the slopes of Mount Everest, Skyrunning was born.

Twenty years on, and as the interest in Skyrunning continues to grow at a rapid rate in both Europe and in North America, as well as in Asia and New Zealand, South
Africa begins a new chapter in the development of off-road running as this dynamic sport makes its way to our country’s mountain ranges.

In August 2011, the South African Skyrunning Association (SASA) was founded, becoming a voting member of the International Skyrunning Federation (ISF). As part of its mandate, SASA’s goals and objectives include helping with the ISF’s vision of growing and promoting the sport of Skyrunning on a global basis, introducing local South African runners to the idea of competing on a national Skyrunning circuit, and international runners to the opportunity of competing on South African soil.
So what is Skyrunning you ask? The ISF have introduced a unique criteria that defines a Skyrunning event. From specific cumulative altitude gain across the race route profile, to minimum and maximum elevations above sea level, Skyrunning events encompass a wide variety of mountain terrain. Comprising of events such as the Skymarathon®, Skyrace® and Vertical Kilomoeter®, as well as the newly introduced Skytrail, some 35 000 athletes world-wide enjoy National, European and World Series events. The Skygames®, which takes place every four years in the same year as the Olympics, also offers Skyrunners from around the world the opportunity to represent their country in a multi-disciplined format of mountain races.

As one of the primary objectives of SASA, its mandate includes identifying existing trail and mountain running events in South Africa that will be interested in hosting a national Skyrunning circuit event. Coupled with these existing events, the opportunity also lies in the introduction of new mountain running races as part of this national circuit, events that will continue to pioneer this new chapter in the county’s mountain running scene, all gaining recognition as official Skyrunning races. “There are many quality South African races which already exist and qualify to host a national circuit event,” says James Hallett, founder of SASA. “With a landscape that boasts some exceptional mountainous terrain, I feel that South Africa has the potential to become a world class Skyrunning destination.”

For the local runners, it’s an opportunity to join SASA as a registered Skyrunner®, allowing them to enter and compete in these various national circuit events to accumulate points, much like a Formula 1 driver would throughout a racing season, in the hopes of being crowned national Skyrunning Champion.

“We feel that the idea of competing on a national circuit will appeal to both elite athletes and regular runners alike, allowing them to challenge themselves and others each year. This will not detract from them being a regular trail runner, however with the added opportunity of being selected to represent South Africa at a Skyrunning World Series event, or even a Skygames®, it’s something that we feel will encourage runners to join, opening up many avenues for aspiring athletes wanting to perform on the world mountain running stage.” says Hallett.
South African Skyrunning Assocoiation

As part of SASA’s launch campaign, thanks to the ISF and funding from the organisers of one of Europe’s longest standing European Skyrunning Series races, the Sierre-Zinal Skymarathon®, a top South African athlete will be heading to Switzerland in August to compete in the 2011 event.

Linda Doke is one of South Africa’s most accomplished trail athletes, having performed exceptionally well at some of South Africa’s premier trail running events over the past 8 months including the 2011 Salomon Skyrun and 2012 ADDO Elephant Trail Run (victory in the women’s category for both races). Having also recently competed in her 16th Two Oceans Ultra-marathon, as well as having a solid training base behind her as she prepares for her 10th Comrades Marathon in June, SASA has selected Linda not only for her ability as a runner but also as a fitting ambassador to represent South African Skyrunning.

“I’m incredibly excited to have been selected to represent SASA at the Sierre-Zinal in August,” says Doke. “I’m sure that being a part of the Skyrunning World Series, the race will be very tough, as will all the seasoned alpine speedsters I’ll be competing against, so it’s a real privilege

to be a part of it. With the Skyrunning concept having taken Europe by storm, and through the formation of SASA, South Africa has a fantastic opportunity to showcase its most technically challenging trail and mountain races to the world.”

SASA will be hoping to announce the 2013 national Skyrunning circuit later this year, with negotiations having already begun with interested event organisers. Runners wishing to sign up as registered Skyrunners should keep their eyes on the official SASA website for more details as and when they break, including information about the events hosting the national circuit.

Should you wish to find out more about Skyrunning, please visit the SASA website or folllow our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter

You can also contact SASA by emailing