Timothy Olson – Breaking News


2012 Western States winner and course record holder, Timothy Olson announces a new sponsorship deal with The North Face

Taken from his blog which you can view HERE


I am honored to announce I am officially a part of The North Face global athlete team. This is such a huge opportunity with unending possibilities. I feel so blessed and grateful to join such an outstanding company and a team of athletes that inspire me to live my dreams.

I remember being this little kid, freezing my butt off in Wisconsin winters, chipping ice off my drive way so I could play basketball. I spent countless hours trying to chip the ice away so I could practice dribbling figure-eights between my legs and perfecting a layup. I would not go to bed until I made 10 free-throws in a row. I wanted to be a professional athlete. I remember late nights with callused, burning hands from the cold. I didn’t want to stop. I did not want to go to bed. I wanted to push myself and be the best I could at what I enjoyed.

Many years have passed since then. That little stubborn kid still exists and has found a new passion for running in the mountains that grows and grows each day. I love it. I feel so alive, content, wild, peaceful and free. Some may think you need to travel far to discover true happiness. I hope to keep exploring this beautiful world, but I believe true happiness is blissful contentment within each moment. I try to be happy all the time; I fail. I’m always called back to the realization that I don’t need to try so hard, I should just be. Whether that be sitting by myself, rocking my son to sleep, taking a walk, a run, even washing dishes or taking out the recycling. I need to remember true happiness is always within.

2012 was epic. 2013 has many things to look forward to as well. I hope to keep enjoying the highs with the lows, learning from my struggles and always moving forward, staying focused and giving my all in everything I do. I’m very blessed and not a moment goes by that I’m not grateful and thank God for all that I have. I hope my passion for running can spark something in others to discover their bliss, wherever they are and in whatever they do.

Spending countless moments outside connecting with nature, family and friends is good for the soul. As my career progresses forward, I look forward to many incredible times with my North Face family. There is something truly special when you travel by foot over many miles; you find out who you are and just how much strength you have to persevere. It’s just as tough mentally as it is physically and running for a day through the mountains humbles you and also magnifies the beauty and strength of our earth. I look forward to partaking in these journeys and experiences with fellow teammates that will push me to new highs and also form life long bonds in sharing these memories with friends.

Thank you The North Face for making this possible.



Collective Dreams – Ryan Sandes

The fellas at The African Attachment have once again come up with some video gold for Salomon Running.

This time it features Ryan Sandes at Western States Endurance Run 100 miler.

As you know, Ryan set a super fast time and placed 2nd overall behind Timothy Allan Olson.

Great run Ryan!

…six impossible things…

Timothy Olson – Western States 2012

…sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

Fairy tales do come true; they do!

Timothy Allen Olson was a drunk and a drug taker. Not content with whom he was as a person; he sought a false confidence offered to him by his friends in booze and illegal substances.

As he says, it was easy for him to enjoy this ‘new me’. But it was a false life. A life that made him unhappy and a life that he felt was going to lead in only one direction… even ending up in jail and on probation didn’t wake him up to the reality of life.

Living in a depressed state he told me of the downward spiral and how one day, stood in the shower crying he decided he wanted to end his life. He’s not proud of it. In actual fact he now thinks the opposite. He says:

“It makes me real sad to think of that now considering when I have so much to live for”

This moment helped define the person he has now become! Feeling a need to prove the world wrong and of course himself, Timothy decided to stop being weak and to start living!

He started to run daily. In time the alcohol and drugs disappeared and the endorphin fix that running gave him became a lifesaver. Free from the addictions and substances that had potentially ruined his life, Timothy looked for new purpose. He started coaching track and cross country at a local High School. He made running fun for them and in the process of doing so, he found a new life.

With college over he went on a road trip. He lived a simple life running trails with his new buddy, a small dog and although ultra running was something he was not aware of, he knew that he wanted to be out in the open, running and taking in the beautiful Western vistas.

Turns out that coffee played an instrumental change in his whole new existence… or should I say the lady serving the coffee. Timothy knew that Krista was the one for him. He plucked up the courage to ask her out on a date. It didn’t take long for both of them to realize that they had found ‘the one’.

With a baby due in August, Timothy and Krista have a full and wonderful life ahead of them. As they decorate the baby’s room in preparation for the arrival, they have been writing favorite quotes on the wall. A favorite of Timothy’s is from Alice In Wonderland:

“…sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

It would seem that after storming to victory at the iconic 2012 Western States 100 mile Endurance Run in a course record time of 14:46 that Timothy Allen Olson, his wife Krista and the new unborn baby really do have the confirmation that fairy tales can come true!

You can listen to a full interview with Timothy Allen Olson on Talk Ultra episode 12 via:

iTunes – talkultra or HERE


Timothy Olson – Go Trail

My good friend James Hallet today re launched Go Trail. A labour of love, James has worked hard to provide a great online magazine for trail running with a great new look. It is available free or for just $10 you can get all 6 issues for a year with unlimited viewing.

I have two articles in the new edition. The first on Timothy Olson, winner of Western States 100 in 2012.

You can listen to the audio HERE