Jantastic 2013

JANTASTIC – the Marathon Talk 2013 Spring Motivation Challenge

Who’s up for a bit of Jantastic?

Fellow podcasters (and partners in crime) Martin Yelling and Tom Williams over at Marathon Talk have a concept called Jantastic.

You need to sign up HERE

What is it….?

January = How many runs per week?

February = January + How far will you go?

March = January + February + How fast will you go?

The most important thing to reach your personal running goals this spring is to be consistent with your training. In Jantastic 2012 runners logged over 70,000 runs.

Jantastic = January + February + March.

  • January (Jantastic) = How may runs will you do. Set the number of times per week you are going to run.
  • February (Febulous) = January + How far will your long runs be? Set the distances of your longest runs.
  • March (Marchvellous) = January + February + How fast will you run? Set your race targets.

In Jantastic you can:

  • Sign up as an individual or team
  • Select ‘rivals’ to pitch yourself against
  • See your personal Jantastic score in your profile
  • Monitor your progress and that of your team / rivals through your profile
  • Message and motivate fellow team members
  • See how runners in your town, area, age group and with the same goals as you are getting on
  • Keep motivated and on track with your personal running goals


How to do it

  • Register to become a part of the Marathon Talk community
  • Sign up to Jantastic as an individiual and/or as part of a team
  • Set your target number of runs per week (this can be anything from 3 to 13 runs!)*
  • Go out and run!
  • Log your weekly runs **
  • Hit your goals and stay motivated!


What counts as a run? You decide the distance of each run but the minimum distance to be able to ‘log’ your run is 1 mile. So, the minimum target you could set yourself would be 3x1mile runs each week. There is no maximum daily run distance.

* don’t just set a target number of runs that is super easy for you to achieve each week and won’t be a challenge at all. At the same time, don’t set a target weekly run goal that is unrealistic and over commit yourself. Your number of weekly runs should be a stretch helping you achieve your personal spring running goals.

** Jantastic weeks run from Monday to Sunday and updates can be made daily up until 8am on Tuesday (UK Time) immediately following each week.

Jantastic rules of competition.

  • Jantastic is all about personal challenge and relies on your honesty when logging your runs.
  • Each week you will be able to gain a maximum of 25 points towards your overall Jantastic Score.

    For example: if you complete your target number of runs each week you will get a Jantastic score of 25 points in week 1; 25 points in week 2; 25 points in week 3 and 25 points in week 4, which will give you an overall Jantastic Score of 100.

  • In order to be eligible for a participation prize you will need to have submitted runs for a minimum of two out of the four weeks for each month.
  • Team Scores are calculated as an average of its team members. However, so a team’s score is not unfairly disadvantaged due to a team member not contributing or having to pull-out due to injury, only the top 75% of individuals will count towards the team’s average.

    Example 1: A Team of 6 will need to have 5 people score 100% in order for their team to have an overall score of 100%.

    Example 2: A Team of 30 will need to have 23 people score 100% in order for their team to have an overall score of 100%.

  • All runs will need to be submitted by 0800 GMT on the Tuesday immediately following each week.
  • Please only submit your runs once you have done them.
  • You are not allowed to change teams after the end of week 1.

Adidas prizes! – Thanks to our partner adidas for helping incentivise you to set it, stick to it and run it.

  • When you participate in and complete Jantastic it’s possible to win some brilliant adidas prizes.