‘Get Ready’ S3 EP 10 – UTMB

Another great video from the ‘Get Ready‘ series of films that feature The North Face and possibly one of my favourite ultra runners of all time, Sebastian Chaigneau.

Seb running up Notre Dame de la Gorge

Seb is a great guy. He always has time to talk, chat, relax and give advice. We have actually a 60 minute interview with Seb ready to transcribe and and edit for Talk Ultra, so we must aim to get that out soon…

This film captures the 2012 The North Face Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.

As you may know, I was at the race and managed to catch up with Francos D’haene, Lizzy Hawker and Mike Foote after the race. You can listen to the interviews HERE or HERE on iTunes.

Seb the day after the race keeping his eyes protected

I spoke with Seb after the race and he told me how his vision disappeared and how frightened he became. I’m glad to say he is recovering well.

Here is a great movie that captures the atmosphere of UTMB 2012.

Episode 17 Talk Ultra

Episode 17 is one seriously stacked show and somewhat a departure from our typical show format.

You can listen to Talk Ultra via the following methods


I have been travelling to several races and therefore it would seem ridiculous to concentrate on just one interview when I can get soundbites from so many. In some respects, this is what Talk Ultra is all about. An audio magazine bringing you up to the minute chat as it happens within the ultra world.

The show is dominated by two races. The Skyrunning Trofeo Kima (report here) and of course The North Face Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.

Trofeo Kima was a wonderful race and I had the honour to catch up with Kilian Jornet before the race.


After the race I chatted with Andy Symonds, Nuria Picas, Philipp Reiter and Emelie Forsberg.




I was at the UTMB at the invite of Vibram and as such I was following the race from a Vibram perspective. This allowed me to see the workings of a Pro Team from within.

In addition to this it also allowed me a great opportunity to chat with and discuss the race. In this weeks episode you can listen to four Vibram Trail Running Team members. The section of the show starts at : 00:56:10 (timings are approximate):

  • 01:00:15 Francesca Canepa 2nd overall in the ladies race at UTMB 2012
  • 01:11:15 Ronan Moalic 20th overall UTMB 2012 
  • 01:17:55 Beppe Marazzi 
  • 01:27:45 David Gatti 

In addition to the above, you can read an article on Francesca Canepa HERE

You can also view a story in pictures of the UTMB from a Vibram perspective HERE

UTMB also allowed me an opportunity to catch up with 3rd place, Mike Foote, mens winner Francois D’Haene and ladies winner, Lizzy Hawker.

  • 02:50:45 Francois D’Haene winner of the 2012 UTMB
  • 02:54:30 Mike Foote 3rd place in the 2012 UTMB 
  • 02:58:30 Lizzy Hawker, 5th time winner of the UTMB and the queen of ultra running


Hope you enjoy the show !