Francesca Canepa wins Ronda dels Cims

©copyright Canepa is a name you may not be too familiar with, however, you should be… for those who don’t know this incredible lady, read HERE

In 2012, she placed 2nd behind Lizzy Hawker on the shortened TNF UTMB course and then just seven days later, yes, just seven days later she raced Tor de Geants and won it! She know how to race long and she has the mental focus and survival instincts to conquer on demanding courses.

At Ronds dels Cims she paced herself in the early stages and only took over the lead from Emilie Lecomte after cresting a mountain summit at 50k. From this point she never looked back and slowly pulled away from all the competition.

An incredibly strong run that placed her in the top 20 overall.

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Julien Chorier wins the 2013 Ronda dels Cims


What an incredible 28+ hours on the mountains and trails of Andorra. Once again, Julien Chorier proves that when it comes to ‘tough’, no one comes tougher!

With wins at UTMF, Hardrock 100 and now Ronda dels Cims, Julien Chorier has proved that he is a master of his craft.

Having watched him up close during this event, I am amazed at how calm, relaxed, methodical and how easy he made this look… just this morning on the final climb of the day after spending a cold night on the trails, he smiled, laughed and casually asked how far behind 2nd place was.

I told him he had no need to worry, second was at least 90 minutes away!

Many congratulations Julien, it was a wonderful performance on what is, without doubt, an incredibly tough course.

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Ronda dels Cims (day 1) Race Images

©copyright has fallen. Day 1 on the 171km Ronda dels Cims is done and as the runners follow that narrow beam from a head torch, you are able to look at a selection of images from the day.

Julien Chorier has lead from the front all day and as we move past midnight, his lead was almost an hour over second place.

Emilie Lecomte also lead from the front but Francesca Canepa pulled back time around the 50k mark and has slowly pulled away. However, the first three ladies are very close. Anything can happen!


Ronda dels Cims – Race Start

©copyright dels Cims is underway, beautiful blue skies and sun. 171km of trails ahead and 12,000m of vertical. It’s going to be an interesting few days.

Good luck everyone!

Faces to watch – Ronda dels Cims

screenshot_283The 2013 Ronda dels Cims is upon us. Friday June 21st and some of the best long distance mountain runners in the world will attempt to cover 171km and over 12,000m of vertical gain as quickly as possible.

Here are some of the key faces to look out for as the action unfolds.

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Follow the action on:

Twitter – @talkultra

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Ryan Sandes – Wandering Fever Fund

MG_00841Ryan Sandes is a modest and extremely giving person. Modest about his ability, one almost has to laugh when he says, “An impulsive decision one Sunday afternoon completely changed my life back in 2008. Could I run 250km, self-supported through a Desert? Without another thought, I maxed out my credit card and entered a race I knew almost nothing about. The lead up to the Gobi Desert Race consumed me but most importantly it enabled me to dream.”

Dream he did and look what has happened. He has won races on all continents, he is unbeaten in the four deserts, he has won Leadville 100, he was second at Western States 2012, beating Geoff Roes CR and loosing out to a flying Timothy Olson.

It is an incredible journey.

Ryan says, “I have worked damn hard to achieve my dreams, but I have always been in a fortunate position. What about the people who do not have the opportunities to make their dreams a reality?”

Way back when Ryan’s  journey started, long time friends Dean Leslie and Greg Fell (The African Attachment) asked if they could document his story. What a coup. Nobody would have thought that a fil project called ‘Wandering Fever’ would actually document the rise of somebody to the pinnacle of the sport.

Now Wandering Fever has been a long term project, Dean, Leslie and Ryan have said many times… it won’t be long! Well, finally, it looks like the latter half of 2013 may well see the release of this highly anticipated film.

Ryan is extremely appreciative of his success and he wants to give back.

“I want to provide a base, a launching pad for people to reach out and grab their dreams with both hands and change their lives. I have decided to set up a Fund which will be distributed  to individuals, charities or worthwhile causes, enabling people to LIVE their dreams.”

It is all about givingback to the community, and I for one am so pleased to here of this initiative.

“The “Wandering Fever Fund” is currently being setup and will be kick-started by 50% of all the profit made from the documentary Wandering Fever (which is due to be completed later this year). Wandering Fever has been a very raw and personal project for Dean, Greg (The African Attachment) and myself, and we all feel very strongly about giving back to the community that has given me so much.”

Ryan finishes off by saying, “It is up to us more fortunate people to share our opportunities with those less fortunate. If I could help only one person live their dream, then that in itself would be a dream come true for me.”


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History of Trail & Mountain Running

screenshot_268This is quite an honour… Trail Run Magazine have posted a history of Trail Running. You can view the complete article HERE


Needless to say, I am absolutely over the moon to see my name at the bottom. I have always said, “I do what I love and I love what I do”.

It’s a passion, my life is sport and every minute of every day is often spent working on, thinking about or looking to the future of trail, mountain and ultra running. To get a mention in this list is extremely satisfying. Thanks


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Julien Chorier pre race interview Ronda dels Cims 2013

Julien Chorier, Ronda dels Cims 2013 copyright
Julien Chorier, Ronda dels Cims 2013 copyright

Julien Chorier talks to Ian ahead of the 2013 Ronda dels Cims. A tough 171km mountain course with altitude gain of over 12,000m. Early in 2013, Julien returned to UTMF 100-mile race in Japan (he won the race in 2013) and placed second. He says that he feels recovered and he is excited by the prospect of racing over this tough course in Andorra.

From Julien’s website:

Ever higher, ever stronger to face the challenges that allow us to mix nature in its most beautiful pageantry, whether in our wonderful mountain scenery in the midst of Corsican maquis, face to face or circuses Reunion Mount Fuji …

Yes, but this is made possible by the support of my family, my friends, my faithful partners and supporters.

Remember Into the Wild: “Happiness is only real When shared” 


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Jared Campbell pre race interview Ronda dels Cims 2013

Jared Campbell, Ronda dels Cims copyright

Jared Campbell, Ronda dels Cims copyright

Jared Campbell will embrace the Ronda dels Cims course. One of the few finishers of the in-famous Barkley Marathon, Jared needs no introduction to his ability over tough a technical course. Without doubt a potential winner of this race!

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