Kima – Pre Race Interviews

Andy Symonds and Philipp Reiter planning for the race

Pre Race interviews with Andy Symonds, Emelie Forsberg and Kilian Jornet in Val Masino in preparation for Skyrunning Trofeo Kima.

Tom Owens, Philipp Reiter and Emelie Forsberg discuss the route and feed stations

You can listen to the audio HERE

Kilian relaxes pre race – slack lining

“… All the travellers who find themselves in Morbegno should spend a few hours at Val Masino. 
A clear stream full of trout rumbles along the rocky bottom of the valley of the glacial traces are clearly visible on the rounded surface of the rocks … we all agree that no valley that we know more than the Val Masino in variety and beauty natural. ”

SE KennedyFirst conqueror of Misfortune

Climbing for hours…  slow and focused in the moment when your hands feel at one with the rock. You gradually climb up to the summit and a vista of blue. Peaks and clouds are in front of you. Nothing is more satisfying than hours of hard work and sweat to see the joys of what the Val Masino and Val Bregaglia offers. Beautiful granite mountains in a circular vista. Incredible.

The major peaks of Val Masino like so many other mountains I guess were first scaled by the local people. Maybe hunters in search of game, peasants who climbed to retrieve livestock or forage for food. As often the case and with the passage of time, explorers came into the area and used the mountains for fun.

Val Masino became a legend of mountaineering with important ascents becoming “the classic routes” of modern mountaineering. 
Routes such as taking the mountain guide lace Cengalo on Badile in Vall Parcellizzo, on top of Castle Valley in Zocca, or along the wall of the Sphinx or maybe climb to the summit of Mount Accident ?

Stunning climbs that start at 400 meters at the base with modern and hospitable mountain huts from which to start an unforgettable mountain experience.

Trails, waterfalls, forests, pastures, ice in the valley. Serene and secluded, large in size. The most fascinating natural granite sculptures that the Alps have to offer. Climbers from all over the world contend with granite monsters that have been created by wind and glacial erosion.

The memory of the mountain guide, Pierangelo Marchetti, the unforgettable “Kima” takes place fulfilling the mission of providing a great race on the Rome Path that attracts the leading specialists in high altitude marathon running.