FIZKULTURA, Bulgaria w/ Dean Karnazes, Sean Conway and more!

Inspiration comes in many forms and ways. I have just been to Sofia, Bulgaria for Fizkultura – a one day event put together by Begach Running Club. The event is geared towards inspiring Bulgarian runners to embrace new challenges, it may be just to start running, or maybe move from marathon to ultra-running, or why not try something bold and new like creating their own running challenge.

My participation was facilitated by the Begach Running Club and the British Embassy – I was joined by ‘the beard!’ The crazy, inspiring and distinctive looking adventurer, Sean Conway

Arriving in the early hours of Friday morning, Sean and myself were working right from the off with a breakfast at the Embassy and an improvised individual presentation – good job this ‘on-the-spot’ request didn’t phase us… some years back, I’d have immediately melted into a ball of nerves; not now!

Sofia is without a doubt Eastern European in feel and architecture. There are bold, brazen and striking monuments everywhere to remind us that Russia is not far away. But I was surprised. The centre had a distinct feeling of wealth with a multitude of high-end shops, plenty of bars and a huge selection of hotels. A backdrop of impressive snow-capped mountains made me feel relaxed.

A drive to the mountains and a leisurely lunch (in an incredible restaurant) provided us all with an opportunity to bond. It’s here that I had a little more time to get to know Sean and extend my introduction to Irina Daniela from Romania who is slowly but surely inspiring Romanians to run and notably empowering women to siege their futures by foot power. Irina recently ran a sub 3h for the marathon and in doing so has shown what is possible for the women of Romania. She’s a striking person – tall (too tall for Sean and myself), great figure, long dark hair and striking features. It’s easy to see how she will inspire those around her. She’s a bundle of energy and enthusiasm but Fizkultra is her first big ‘gig’ out of her homeland. Website here.

Sean by contrast looks like a lion under a mane of ginger. He’s a small and a slight figure who brims with confidence and an accent that’s hard to work out – South African, Irish and British public school make an interesting mix that is captivating to the ear. He casually talks of his up and coming challenge of cycling ridiculous daily distances in Australia to set a new world record. He has a simple motto – to be the first or the fastest – it works for him! His list of achievements is impressive, but more on that later. Website here.

It was early evening before I finally met Dean Karnazes. Dean, aka ‘Marathon Man’ is someone who I have emailed and spoke too on many times but this is my first face-to-face. He taps me on the shoulder. I turn, he grabs my hand and pulls me in close in a tight embrace and says, ‘Ian, finally, good to see you man!’ For once I feel tall, Dean is my height and we are both taller than Sean and if Irina had not been in our presence, for once I may well have been the tallest – just! However, Dean looks incredible – he’s ripped, chiseled, has a Californian tan and he’s swearing shorts. His legs bulge with muscles and I suddenly realize that the reality of meeting Dean didn’t disappoint. This guy, for me, helped change the way the sport of ultra has grown in the last 10-years. It was his book, Confessions of an all Night Runner’ that suddenly made ‘others’ aware of the crazy sport of running long; ultra-running! Website here.

Dinner took place in ‘Checkpoint Charlie’ and we joke, discuss love, life, running and politics. Bed soon arrives for Dean, he has no idea what day or time it is. Jet lag has hit hard and he leaves early. Our trio relax with our hosts and a late-night walk back to our hotel is followed with a night-cap in the bar. I felt at home with my two new friends and like all good new friendships, 12-hours have made them both feel like lifelong friends. We laughed the night away till bed finally called.


Dean kicked off the day 0945. Short clad, the audience welcome him with rapturous applause and he quickly goes into a 30-minute presentation that gives an overview of his running. Of course, it’s an impossible task – he has achieved so much! Despite the launch of his recent book, ‘The Road to Sparta,’ Dean takes us back on a journey to his first book as Fizkultura coincides with its release in Bulgarian. Many of you will know those early stories of taking the shoes out of the garage on his 30th birthday and then running 30-miles. His first Western States, Badwater 135 and running a marathon at the South Pole. It’s classic ‘Dean’ and the audience lap it up.

Irina power dresses and looks like an air hostess wearing a suit, shirt, scarf and ridiculous high-heels. Sean and myself refuse to stand close to her… The style of dress was important, Irina’s background was in banking and she wanted to show everyone that it has been possible to still be a business professional and a runner. “My Story’ was about dreaming, having no limits and empowering herself, other women and yes, men, to wear run shoes and find out what is possible. The story of how she achieved sub-3, one of the fastest female performances for a Romanian and how her dreams may well lead to Olympic selection.

Antoniya Grigorova, Bulgaria’s top female ultra-runner, talked about her plans, planning and training in preparation for running the longest trail in Bulgaria: Kom-Emine. A journey of 600km. A professional athlete she provided an insight into the mind, the training and the nutrition of what the journey will take.

Lunch was followed with the lion roaring. Sean was in fine form and told the story of his world’s longest triathlon with great skill and humor. He was a natural on the stage and it’s fair to say the audience loved him. His presentation was interspersed with still images and small videos that documented the journey – and what a journey! A bent bamboo bike, a Sunday roast dinner blended into liquid form for lunch, skinny dipping in an icy river and his face being stung constantly by jelly fish while swimming.

I followed Sean and what an act to follow. My talk was always going to be a visual one as I planned on taking that audience around the world with a selection of races and images from Running Beyond (here). Of course, I had to provide some context on my journey and my opening dialogue provided a glimpse on how I got to where I am today.

Boyan Petrov is a legend in Bulgaria. An Alpinist, he talked us through the training, the planning and the equipment required to climb 8000+m peaks without oxygen. He’s one of the few climbers to make 3 x 8000m peak in one year, something he has done twice. He also discussed the dream of climbing all 8000+m peaks – more people have been to space than done this!

The day concluded with Dimitrina Sivkova talking about trauma prevention and getting back in shape.

It was an incredible day of challenges, feats, adventure, goals, inspiration and living a life with barriers or restrictions. The takeaway was, ‘make dreams happen!’ Dean concluded his talk with a famous quote, it’s not new but it’s apt and it somehow summed up exactly what Fizkultura was trying to achieve:

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!”

Despite tiredness and fatigue, an evening dinner in a vegan and vegetarian restaurant provided us all with an opportunity to discuss the day – we were all motivated. We of course were reminded that the following day, Sunday, there was a race in a local park running a 600m loop and two events, a 12-hour and 6-hour race called Project 360. A small selection of runners would start at 0630 looking to log mileage and a qualifying time for Spartathlon. The main event would start at 0900 with a 6-hour event that would allow runners to do as little or as much as they required. Travel plans scuppered any

Despite tiredness and fatigue, an evening dinner in a vegan and vegetarian restaurant provided us all with an opportunity to discuss the day – we were all motivated. We of course were reminded that the following day, Sunday, there was a race in a local park running a 600m loop. A small selection of runners would start at 0630 looking to log mileage and qualifying time for Spartathlon. The main event would start at 0900 with a 6-hour event that would allow runners to do as little or as much as they required. Travel plans scuppered any participation plans for me but I went and cheered on with Irina for an hour and of course, we just had to run a loop with ‘Marathon Man!’

Watch Dean in the video HERE

I love the fact that despite jet-lag, bust days of presenting and travel, Dean rocked up to the start line and run for 6-hours. He personifies his name.

I must say, I was sad to leave Sofia, my new friends and a great, developing running community. Dean, Sean, Irina and myself were there to inspire others but we left inspired. We were each individually energized by our time in Bulgaria. Sean will be bashing out the bike miles for Australia, Irina will be looking for the speed and endurance for a fast marathon, Dean? well, Dean will just keep running and running and me; travel, photography and telling stories. I love to do that and the story of Fizkultura and Bulgaria is a special one – a personal one!

Thanks to:

A huge thanks to the British Embassy, Elenko Elenkov, Begach Running Club and the many new Bulgarian runners who hosted, entertained and looked after us – Alexander, Milen, Vladi and so many more.

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Pete Kostelnick looks set to break the Run Across the USA #FKT


As records go, the 36-year old record of 46 days, 8 hours and 36 minutes of Running Across America by Frank Giannini Jr is a classic.

Many a runner has challenged the distance but few have close to the time.

As I write this, two times Badwater 135 winner, Pete Kostelnick, looks set to elevate the record to new level. His possible new record will not come down to minutes… it won’t even come down to hours! In reality, Pete is looking to smash the record by days. Yes, days!

Today as I write this, Pete is 38-days in and current projections are 41 or 42 days. That’s a whole new level!

Imagine it, Pete has been running over 70 miles a day for 36 days. In a recent chat for the next edition of Talk Ultra podcast, co-host Speedgoat Karl Meltzer, who just recently set a new FKT on the Appalachian Trail confirmed that Pete is on a whole new level. “He’s doing it the right way,” said Karl. “He started under the radar and momentum has picked up as the days have passed. He will smell the barn and although he may well be in pain, he will know the end is in sight. For sure he is going to break the record, it will just depend by how much. These next few days will fly by!”

With approximately 5 or 6 days to go the mental boost o knowing the finish line isn’t too far away is really keeping him motivated to keep pushing along!

“The performance by Peter is almost super human,” said Speedgoat. “I am pleased that he is a Hoka One One teammate and I am certainly looking to catch up with him after the challenge is over and found out how it went. What’s interesting is that day off he took after 7 days. The same thing happened to Scott Jurek, Jen Phar Davis and me, albeit a little later. It’s a s though the body says, hold on a minute, what are you doing? One day off or one easy day and then everything comes back. It has certainly gone that way for Pete!”

Running 70+ miles a day is a phenomenal physical and mental challenge, it’s difficult to comprehend that it is possible… but here is Pete proving how remarkable the human body is. At 29-years old maybe Pete is in that prime age target where fitness and the bodies ability to recovery is optimum? It certainly poses man questions.

However, it’s important to note that this has been know easy ride. Pete went out at a relentless pace covering 450 miles in the first week and as Speedgoat has already said, he was forced to take a day off. That day’s rest may well prove to be one of the most crucial days on this long road. Tendonitis, aches, pains, tight muscles, sore hamstrings, swollen knee, tight hips and so many more niggles… “It happens,” says Speedgoat. “But the body is a remarkable thing, one day you feel lousy and then the next day you feel great. The pain travels and moves around and let’s be clear, when you run this type of mileage day-after-day you just become numb.”

Tracie Phan (Team Manager) told in an interview that Pete seems to be getting stronger with each day. Something that Speedgoat can relate too, “It’s all about getting into a rhythm and routine. One advantage that Pete has is that the terrain is constant and smooth. His crew can support all the time and within reason he can stop, rest, eat and drink when he wants.”

During the last month, Pete has started each day around 0400 and covered in the region of 40-miles and then taken a break before heading back out on the road aiming to finish around 5pm. “This is crucial for a successful attempt,” Speedgoat confirms. “Finishing early evening allows for quality rest, recovery, massage and it also means that eating and drinking is not compromised.”

Watch this space, we are about to witness history being made. Pete Kostelnick will set a new record for Running Across America.

Episode 64 – Smith Batchen, Perkins, Almeida, Rasmussen





This is episode 64 of Talk Ultra and on this weeks show we speak with one of the Queens of ultra running, Lisa Smith Batchen. Mark Perkins talks about his win and course record at SDW100 and Ricardo Almeida gives us a minimalist perspective of running Comrades. We speak with Claus Rasmussen in about transitioning to minimalist and barefoot running. The News, a Blog, Talk Training, Up & Coming Races and Speedgoat.

Zugspitz Ultratrail
  1. Stephan Hugenschmidt 10:36:50
  2. Cris Clemente 11:14:39
  3. Dan Doherty 11:30:26
  1. Anne-Marie Flammersfield 13:53:21
  2. Helene Ogi 15:19:27
  3. Elena Polyakova 15:51:22
South Downs Way 100 – Miles
  1. Mark Perkins14:03:54
  2. Richard La Cock 15:11:28
  3. David Ross 15:58:54
INTERVIEW with race winner Mark Perkins
  1. Sharon Law 18:51:03
  2. Karen Hathaway 20:11:11
  3. Emily Gelder 20:11:15
West Highland Way Race 95 – miles
  1. Paul Giblin 14:20:11
  2. Robbie Britton 14:47:48
  3. Matt Williamson 16:05:07
  1. Fiona Ross 18:54:04
  2. Rosie Bell 19:02:19
  3. Keziah Higgins
Bighorn 100
  1. Luke Nelson 19:10:15
  2. Patrick McGlade 19:39:03
  3. Benjamin Bucklin 20:34:20
  1. Missy Gosney 24:30:40
  2. Gwen Scott 25:54:38
  3. Jamie Fink 26:05:05
Race the Sun – Asics Team ran the the UTMB route from dawn and they had to compile the route before sunset. They did it 15:41:35. They raced in relay against a team called Team Enduro. Article in the Guardian HERE
Steve Birkinshaw completes the Wainrights – 511km with 214 peaks (36,000m of vertical) – 6 days and 13 hours. Information HERE
Western States – going to be exciting! Race preview HERE
Skyrunning World Championships – VK, SKY and ULTRA. Race preview HERE
Lavaredo to take place with Anton Krupicka and Rory Bosio
We have the first race on the Skyrunning UK calendar, the V3K over the Welsh 3000’s – good luck everyone!
Contribute to Talk Ultra – HERE
New website and blog –
Ricardo Almeida gives us a minimalist viewpoint on running Comrades
MELTZER MOMENT with Speedgoat 
Lisa Smith-Batchen is a queen of ultra running. An inspiring lady who has achieved so much to benefit others. On July 1st, Lisa will attempt Badwater 135 4-times, back-to-back with 2-ascents of Mt Whitney. HERE
TALK TRAINING with Marc Laithwaite
Claus Rasmussen gives us an insightful talk on barefoot/ minimalist running and how to transition, adapt and progress in a safe and manageable way if this is something you would like to try. In addition, he tells us about a future challenge… website HERE


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A day in the Lakes with SCOTT JUREK

Scott Jurek ©

It started like this, ‘Pardon for the last minute message, but I just found out I will have this Friday free when I arrive in London. Are you available to do a run? Is there something we could do in the mountains-trails within striking distance of London. I fly into Heathrow at 7am Friday.’ Scott Jurek

Now Scott and myself had discussed running together at some point in time, however, this message came as a bolt out of the blue. Ironically, I received this email as I was leaving Colorado after covering the UROC race in Vail. Scott lives in Boulder, so, we were actually only 90-mins away from each other!

I initially looked for trails close to London but Scott insisted, he wanted to come to the Lakes. So committed was he and Jenny that he changed his flights and arrived in Heathrow at 0500 on Friday after a 9-hour flight. They travelled across London and then jumped on a train to arrive midday in Windermere.

I was well aware that this was Scott’s first ever trip to the UK, so, it was important to provdie an opportunity for people to join us. I offered the chance for 8 people to join us. Quite simply, email in and names would be selected out of hat.

I contacted The Climbers Shop in Ambleside and they offered a venue for us to meet and they also provided the facilities for a ‘meet and greet’ with Scott later in the day at 5pm.

Needless to say it was a memorable day for all involved and Scott loved the Lakes, the views, the trails and the terrain.

Will he be back…?

Nothing is 100% but don’t rule out a return trip for an attempt on some ’rounds’ and you never know, the UTLD may just be on his bucket list before he retires.

I’d like to thank Scott Jurek and his wife, Jenny for a memorable day and being so committed to run with some serious jet lag and fatigue.

Marc Laithwaite, RD for the Lakeland 100 and 50 who gave up his day to join us. Not a difficult decision I imagine.

I’d like to thank The Climbers Shop for great last minute help and cooperation with a venue. The 8 runners who joined us for a memorable run on the trails and all those who came to the shop for autographs and photographs later in the day.

Images available for personal and commercial use HERE

Badwater 135

Monday 16th July and once again runners will be lining up to face the heat of Death Valley.

2012 for me is an interesting year for the race, we are seeing the old guard toe the line: Marshall Ullrich (aged 61), Pam Reed (aged 51) and Dean Karnazes (aged 49)  all notable starters. Oswaldo Lopez (aged 40) will be hoping to cross the line in first place but the person to watch will be 100 mile man of the moment, Mike Morton (aged 40).

He has a reputation at the moment of not only winning all the ‘100’s’ he enters but also winning them quickly. Typically around the 13 hour mark!

Until Timmy Olson came along and smashed all Western States records into oblivion, Mike Morton’s previous record at WS set in 1997 was considered to be the ‘best’ Western States time even though Geoff Roes set a faster time.

You may or may not know that Mike Morton disappeared from the running scene for years, 14 to be exact. Problems with injury, a re focus on life priorities and ‘911’ all had a major impacts on his decisions. Talk Ultra caught up with Mike Morton in episode 7 and you may like to listen HERE or on iTunes

Needless to say, Mike Morton toeing the line at Badwater is an exciting prospect. I for one am really eager to see how he tackles this race. Will he respect the heat and the distance or will he run in his ‘unique’ way, running hard and hoping to survive?

I can’t help but think it will be a combination of the two – a respect for what is without doubt a tough and incredible challenge but I also think that he will push himself as hard as he possibly thinks he can in the hope that he not only wins the race but wins it in a time that sets a new benchmark.

It would be rude not to conclude this preview of Badwater without mentioning Arthur Webb – we had Arthur on Talk Ultra episode 10 as a ’15 min of Fame’ when we interviewed Scott Jurek – Arthur is heading out to Badwater, once again to hopefully complete the race for the 15th time! Yes, the 15th time aged 70 years – incredible. I wish you all the very best Arthur!

You can read up on Badwater HERE

They will have a webcast that you can follow HERE and results will be available HERE