Memories of La Palma – Transvulcania

It’s not always the racing that leaves memories but often what happens around the racing. In 2012, arguably, one of the best fields ever assembled on the island of La Palma to take part in the Transvulcania La Palma.

This film was actually a trailer for Kilian’s Quest Season 4 ‘Living Legends’.

But it shows some great times and experiences and ultimately it shows what running is about… having fun!

Kilian Jornet – Time out


Kilian’s Quest S4 E10 – Time Out

Join Kilian Jornet as he takes ‘Time Out’ on one of his training runs.

Fans of Salomon may want to take a close look at this feet…. definitely not an ‘off the shelf’ pair of Salomon Sense on his feet!

Filmed by Seb Montaz –

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Kilian’s Quest S3 E07

This clip is some 10 months old but it is one that I go back to time and time again… it shows Kilian Jornet in flight doing what he does best; running on tough and technical terrain.

Captured at 1000 frames per second by the ‘master’ Seb Montaz this highly stylised movie not only shows Kilian at his best but also Seb at his best, mastering a camera whilst also managing to keep up with Kilian.

Kilian’s Quest

Another great video to come out of the island of La Palma and once again filmed by the master, Seb Montaz.

It’s a who’s who of ultra running but I guess showing them in a different light… at play in the lava fields.