Great Lakeland 3 Day ™ Day 3


The final day of the Great Lakeland 3 Day ™ was very much a victory lap as runners finished of the final leg of a 3-day triangular route, navigating via a selection of trigs to arrive back at Pooley Bridge where they had all started 3-days earlier.

The damp, misty and wet conditions of the previous day faded away with the arrival of dawn. Although the day would remain overcast for the majority, the occasional glimpse of sun would appear when the clouds decided to break.

Although a shorter day, a great deal of challenges would confront the Elite, A, B and C categories. The great success of the GL3D is the appeal and flexibility for each participant to race at a different level on different days if required. Shane Ohly said, ‘We are a small but adventurous three-day mountain marathon with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that attracts both runners and long-distance walkers.’

The race has been an incredible success and the addition of the C course has made the 2014 edition even more appealing providing a tough and challenging adventure for walkers. Rather than complex navigation, the emphasis is on long mountain journeys, spectacular scenery and enjoying an amazing mountain experience.

Brilliantly organized, great fun, tough, a real challenge… are all words and comments that could be heard as participants departed from the race base at Pooley Bridge.

I am sure many will be back in 2015.


Overall Results: 


Jim Mann 16:30:28

Chris Warner 18:29:57

Robert Hicks 19:08:56

1st lady: Kerstin Rosenqvist 21:39:15


Simon Harper 17:38:38

Jim Trueman 18:24:30

Matt Puxon 18:54:21

1st lady: Sally Ann Spencer 19:59:13


Alexander Beaven 12:37:40

David Nevill 13:10:03

Nick Gallivan 13:45:42

1st lady: Christine Waller 16:34:26


Stephen Burt 11:49:56

Jacqueline Cooper 12:59:25

Martin & Nicola Kirkman 13:00:20

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Great Lakeland 3 Day™ – Day 1


Days on the mountains and fells don’t get any better… May Day bank holiday, 200 competitors embracing a relaxed and casual approach to racing and 3-days on the iconic Lakeland fells and mountains.


Shane Ohly, race director for the GL3D ™ provides a selection of courses to suit every runner’s ability or competitive edge – Elite, A, B or the newly introduced C class for walkers. In conjunction with great planning and organization, a friendly atmosphere and believe it or not, good weather, day-1 proved to be an incredible start for the 2014 edition.

In the best traditions of the Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon, the competitors were promised a surprise on the first morning. Race Director, Shane Ohly explained, ‘The LAMM has a deserved reputation for surprising competitors on the first day with an unexpected change of venue or logistic and I wanted to embrace this idea for the GL3D™.’

The day kicked off with a steamer cruise across Ullswater from the race HQ at Pooley Bridge to Howtown and then a rolling start as runners ‘dibbed-in’ to commence the day.

Although very few glimpses of sun were sighted, the whole day remained dry and calm with constant cloud. Each and every participant stated, ‘Perfect running conditions.’

Despite the relaxed atmosphere the Great Lakeland 3Day™ remains a formidable challenge with the Elite runners covering 46.2km on day-1, the A class, 40km, B class, 31.3km and the new C course 24.1km.

It was grand tour of some of the best Lakeland ridges, summits and valleys with an optimal altitude gain of 1,183m for the C-class and 2,738m for the Elites. The A and B courses had 2,373 and 1,590m respectively.

A huge slice of cake, unlimited tea or coffee and of course the famous (or infamous) free beer or cider ensured that the aches and pains of a first tough day in the mountains would soon be forgotten.


Elite – 46.2km

Jim Mallin 5:19:56

Tim Laney 5:57:54

Chris Warner 5:58:12


1st lady – Kerstin Rosenqvist 6:44:44

A – 40k

Simon Harper 5:14:42

Jim Trueman 5:49:48

Adrian Chewter 5:50:50


1st lady – Sally Ann Spencer 6:27:18

B – 31.3k

Eddy Charlton-Weedy 3:31:20

Alexander Beaven 4:04:23

David Neill 4:21:05


1st lady – Christine Waller 4:44:49

C – 24.1k

Stephen Burt 4:03:42

Jaqueline Cooper 5:07:03

Martin & Nicola Kirkman 5:39:20

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