Speedgoat Karl Meltzer #AT Appalachian Trail FKT – LIVE AUDIO UPDATE Day 19


We are following Speedgoat Karl Meltzer as he attempts to break the record on the Appalachian Trail. We provide day 1 to day 7 updates HERE and just recently we posted day 8 to day 14 updates HERE.

Today, day 19, we caught up with Eric (Karl’s head of crew) live from the AT to find out how Karl is doing and what progress he is making. This audio could not happen without the support and co-operation of Red Bull. Many thanks Red Bull!

Statistics show that Karl has covered 868.72 miles and has 1321.28 miles remaining after 19-days and he is currently in New Jersey.

You can listen to the audio live from the trail by clicking the ‘play’ button on the audio file below or you can click HERE for web link.


Background information:

Karl Meltzer known as ‘Speedgoat Karl

Is one of the world’s best in endurance mountain running. He has won more 100-mile races than anyone! A regular co-host on Talk Ultra podcast, Karl has lived the highs and lows of the Appalachian Trail.

As a native of New Hampshire, trail running and hiking have always been a part of Karl’s life. 

Growing up, Karl spent many days adventuring on the Appalachian Trail with his father. 

He has always been partial to running his home course, which he often refers to as the ‘Green Tunnel’ due to the rich tree canopy.

Karl completed the ‘AT’ in 2008 in 54-days after continuing with severe tendinitis. He knew then that he could cover the 2190-mile journey quicker. He returned but failed. Last year, Speedgoat’s good friend Scott Jurek set a new record and for 14-days of that journey, Speedgoat was side-by-side with his friend telling him how to get the job done.

Fired up by helping Scott, Karl is back and with the full on support of Red Bull, Speedgoat hopes to set a new FKT for the AT in under 50-days. To add to the experience, Scott and Jenny Jurek plan to return the favour by joining him in the later stages. You can read about Scott Jurek’s incredible 2015 ‘AT’ HERE.

Each week I will post a 7-day update of Speedgoat’s journey and of course, you can follow online and in real time with the help of Red Bull and the official website HERE.

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