High Trail Vanoise 2017 Summary and Images – 2017 Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series

The Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series continued at a pace today with the High Trail Vanoise – 70km in length and 5400m of vertical gain.

Starting and concluding at the iconic ski resort of Val d’Isere, this race marks back to the early days of Skyrunning mixing fast trails, technical trails, snow, ice and altitude. The course has many key features with highlight coming at Grande Motte (3500m) and then a rollercoaster of climbs and descents that finally culminates with Aiguille Pers (2800m) before dropping down to the Col I’seran before the final push to the line.

Departing under darkness at 0400, it was very apparent that a warm and hot day lay ahead. The early hours were always chilly ones, especially as the runners climbed from the start to Grande Motte at 3500m+ in the first 17.5km. In the early stages, a small group of runners pushed the pace lead by Luis Alberto Hernando, Dimitry Mityaev and Aurelien Dunand Pallaz – the trio arrived at the summit with just 90-seconds between them. In the ladies race, Megan Kimmel arrived first and Ragna Debats followed just 4-minutes later with Mimmi Kotka another 1-minute back. It was all too close to call!

From the summit of Grande Motte, the arrival of sunlight facilitated the long fast descent past Lac de Tignes all the way to La Daille at approximately 34km. By now the runners were spread out all over the course but the front of the race saw Hernando, Dunand Pallaz and Mityaev arrive together and it stayed that way up the steep climb.  Megan Kimmel had a 2-minute slender lead over Debats who looked strong and fight for 3rd was between Kotka and the USA’s Hillary Allen.

A 4km climb to Lac Sassier was followed with a rollercoaster descent to Le Fornet at 46km, Hernando had opened up a 2-minute gap on Dunand Pallaz and Mityaev was 11-minutes back. Kimmel also opened the gap over Debats – would 7-minutes be enough?

Now the action was really unfolding and arguably, the next section of the course from Le Fornet to Aiguille Pers via Tete Cema was going to be instrumental as this section climbed for 10km with an altitude gain of 1400m +/-.

From the summit a fast descent to the iconic Col I’seran was followed by a short climb with technical sections before passing through a tunnel through the mountains which was followed by a fast drop to the line and finish in Val d’Isere.

Hernando here put the hammer down and slowly but surely stretched the elastic and took a strong victory in 8:17:05 smashing the old course record. Dunand Pallaz followed in 8:31:04 and Mityaev sealed the last podium place in 8:43:10.

Kimmel’s victory never looked in doubt in the final stages and her 9:46:05 to Debats 9:52:10 showed how close the ladies race was. The battle for 3rd was also close with Kotka and Allen both struggling with fatigue in the latter stages – Kotka held on with 10:30:21 to Allen’s 10:33:52.

Notably, the High Trail Vanoise was the Skyrunning European Championships and Luis Albert Hernad and Ragna Debats were crowned 2017 Champions.

Full results HERE

Attention now turns to Italy to the Gran Paradiso race, the first ‘extreme’ race in the 2017 Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series.

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Trans D’Havet – RACE SUMMARY

Trans D’Havet was the concluding race in the ISF European Skyrunning Championships. Following on from the VK and SKY race in Canazei last weekend, the 80km Trans D’Havet was always going to be a test of many aspects of human will and the power to dig deep and find something from within. However, little did we know how deep some people are able to go?

©copyright .iancorless.com.P1170507

Runners assembled in Piovene Roccchette for the 0100am start. It was quite a site, local revelers were dancing and drinking while around them, lycra clad runners milled around waiting for the off. The arrival of Kilian Jornet, Luis Alberto Hernando, Nuria Picas, Emelie Forsberg and Philipp Reiter created some additional buzz as locals and participants in the race looked for a photo opportunity or an autograph.

With five minutes to go, it was already 27 degrees, it was going to be a very hot race! Missing from the start line was Luis Alberto; he had unfortunately received some devastating personal news. After some contemplation, he decided to run. Goodness knows what he felt like. Of course we can only guess and this is not the place to pursue that thought. With his decision to race confirmed, on the stroke of one, the masses disappeared into the dark.

©copyright .iancorless.com.P1170463

The route is a spectacular one, which winds through the Piccole Dolomiti between the Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige on the Pasubio and Carega group. These mountains are the setting for some of the bloodiest battles in the First World War. Starting with 1000m altitude to Mount Summano the course goes up and down taking in, Forte Rione on Monte Novegno, Monte Alba and Passo Xomo. Taking in fifty-two tunnels that have total distance of some 6km the course offer much variety. With over halfway completed, runners pass Monte Cornetto and then the final big climb to the highest point of the course at 2238m, leaving the Passo Campogrosso runners climb to the Faccaroli refuge. From here the course looks to be downhill but 12km of ups and downs await before the finish line in Valdagno.

©copyright .iancorless.com.P1170486

Luis Alberto and Kilian Jornet started together and finished together. Matching each other over every meter of the 80km course, it would maybe appear that a decision was made to race the rest of the field but not each other. They had occasional time gaps but that was more due to natural breaks and feed stations. Ultimately, the decision to cross the line together was the correct one, the statement made in the finishing straight said far more that any one individual victory. Today was ’really’ about trail and Skyrunning. Kilian has a photo book titled, ‘Trail running for me is not about running’ and today both he and Luis proved it. It was an honor to witness that moment.

©copyright .iancorless.com.P1170764

©copyright .iancorless.com.P1170770

Csaba Nemeth from Hungry was doing a great job in the European Championships and his efforts paid off, his consistent pace and strong climbing in the growing daily temperatures secured him a third place. Podium prospect Philipp Reiter unfortunately had to pull out of the race after falling and damaging his knee.

©copyright .iancorless.com._1160274The ladies race was always going to come down to a battle between Nuria Picas and Emelie Forsberg. Emelie has had a stunning 2013 and her calendar of late has seen her race multiple times and place 2nd at Mont Blanc Marathon, 1st at Ice Trail Tarentaise, 2nd at Dolomites VK, 1st at Dolomites Skyrace and then of course she was coming to Italy to tackle 80km’s with over 5000m+ of vertical gain and ascent against a fresh Nuria.

©copyright .iancorless.com._1160353

Emelie had a small gap in the early stages but as per usual, both Emelie and Nuria ran together again, on the final big climb from Campogrosso, Emelie had a two-minute lead and then extended that, continually pulling away. With the throttle open, the gap extended and she scored a convincing victory. Equally impressive, once again she placed 10th overall.

©copyright .iancorless.com.P1170625 Nuria arrived in Valdagno and looked to be a spent force. The temperatures were now around the mid 30’s and the combination of heat and pace had cooked her. She said after the race. ‘The miles just didn’t tick past today. I had to push for everyone and it was a tough day’.

©copyright .iancorless.com.P1170664

©copyright .iancorless.com._1070726The third podium spot actually turned out to be an exciting battle. Taken by Uxue Fraile, less than a minute after Nuria, this confirmed the stranglehold by Spain both in the men’s and ladies events over the ultra distance.

©copyright .iancorless.com.P1170705

The ISF Skyrunning European Championships have been a great success. We have seen some incredible racing over VK, Sky and Ultra and the locations, terrain and temperatures have been varied; what more could you want!

Full results and classifications of how the European rankings stand will be posted later today.



  1. Kilian Jornet (Spain) 08:59:47
  2. Luis Alberto Hernando (Spain) 08:59:49
  3. Casaba Nemeth (Hungary) 09:43:25


  1. Emelie Forsberg (Sweden) 10:21:32
  2. Nuria Picas (Spain) 10:33:34
  3. Uxue Fraile (Spain) 10:34:20


Skyrunning HERE

Trans D’Havet HERE


Episode 40 – De Gasperi, Jornet, Air, Forsberg


This is episode 40 of Talk Ultra and on this weeks show we have audio from Marco De Gasperi on the finish line at the Dolomites Skyrace. We have a chat with Kilian Jornet. We introduce a new regular addition to the show called ‘smilesandmiles’ with Emelie Forsberg. We have an interview with Brit, Stuart Air about his 13th placing at Ronda dels Cims and for one show only, Philipp Reiter is my co host!

00:13:20 NEWS

Hardrock 100

  1. Sebastien Chaigneau – 24:25:50 (counterclockwise course record; old record, Karl Meltzer 24:38, 2009)
  2. Troy Howard – 25:20:09
  3. Scott Jaime – 26:38:43
  1. 1.     Darcy Africa – 29:54:55
  2. 2.     Darla Askew  – 31:09:52
  3. Betsy Nye – 36:46:42

Eiger Trail

  1. Iker Karrera 11:38
  2. Urs Jenzer 12:28
  3. Konrad von Allmen 13:13
  1. Francesca Canepa 16:18
  2. KathrinZbinden 17:06
  3. Helene Ogi 17:33

Dolomites VK

  1. Kilian Jornet 32:43 – SPA – * new course record
  2. Urban Zemmer 32:50 – ITA
  3. Philip Gotsch 32:54 – IT 
  1. Antonella Confortola 41:02 – ITA
  2. Emelie Forsberg 43:01 – SWE
  3. Iva Milesova 43:09 – CZE

Dolomites Sky







00:28:31 – MARCO De GASPERI AUDIO from the Dolomites HERE

Ice Trail Tarentaise

  1. 1.    Kilian Jornet (Salomon) 07:35:32 new course record
  2. 2.    Francois D’Haene (Salomon) 07:40:13
  3. 3.    Philipp Reiter (Salomon) 08:12:38


  1. Emelie Forsberg (Salomon) 09:11:11 new course record (and 10th overall)
  2. Christel Dewalle (Terre de Running) 10:08:58
  3. Francesca Canepa (Team Montura/Vibram) 10:31:59

Badwater 135

  1. Carlos Sa 24:38
  2. Grant Maughan 24:53
  3. Oswaldo Lopez 25:27
  1. Catherine Todd 29:55
  2. Pam Reed 30:39
  3. Meredith Dolhare 32:52

Vermont 100 (Grand Slam)

  1. Jason Lantz 15:23
  2. Chad Ricklefs 15:26
  3. Nick Clark 15:54
  4. Ian Sharman 15:57 *
  1. Larisa Dannis 18:38
  2. Traci Falbo 19:13
  3. Amy Rusiecki 19:53

Zoe Romano completes TDF route on foot and now is finishing off in Corsica – http://www.zoegoesrunning.com 

00:44:25 – KILIAN JORNET audio HERE

01:01:36 – BLOGS

What makes us happy? Emelie Forsberg – http://emelieforsberg.com/what-makes-us-happy/

“Happiness is a basic foundation in my everyday life. For me there are many ways to experience the joy in the everyday life. It´s about finding the happiness no matter what daily situation you choose to be a part of. To be satisfied with what you are doing.”

01:02:37 – SMILES AND MILES with Emelie Forsberg

No Talk Training this week but we are introducing Emelie Forsberg’s new regular slot called, Smiles and Miles with Emelie Forsberg. Emelie will be talking about what makes her tick but also she is going to bring a much needed female element to the show, so, if you have a question or would like us to discuss a particular topic, please email Emelie at:


This initial audio, like the rest of the show was recorded on location so apologies for the audio.

01:30:58 – INTERVIEW, Stuart Air

This week’s interview is with Brit, Stuart Air. Stuart entered the 177km Ronda dels Cims, arguably one of the toughest 100 milers out there. Not only did he complete it but he placed 13th. I caught up with him after Ronda and just before he toed the line for the Ice Trail Tarentaise. At Ice Trail he proved Ronda was no fluke by placing in the top 20.

02:03:27 – UP and Coming RACES



Flinders Tour – 50 km | 50 kilometers | July 28, 2013 | website



Canadian Death Race | 125 kilometers | August 03, 2013 | website



Via Romana – 62 km | 62 kilometers | July 28, 2013 | website


Le tour du lac | 57 kilometers | July 27, 2013 | website

Tour du Lac de Vouglans | 71 kilometers | July 27, 2013 | website


L’Orleans-Océan | 410 kilometers | July 27, 2013 | website


Courchevel X Trail 54 km | 54 kilometers | August 04, 2013 | website

La 6000D | 65 kilometers | July 27, 2013 | website

TCT 50 | 50 kilometers | August 04, 2013 | website

Trail du Tour des Fiz | 63 kilometers | July 28, 2013 | website

Ultra 6000D | 110 kilometers | July 27, 2013 | website



Chiemgauer 100 k Mountain Ultra Run | 100 kilometers | July 27, 2013 | website

Chiemgauer 100 mi Mountain Ultra Run | 100 miles | July 27, 2013 | website

Chiemsee-Ultramarathon Juli | 108 kilometers | July 27, 2013 | website


Berliner MauerwegNachtlauf | 62 kilometers | July 27, 2013 | website

Lower Saxony

STUNT 100 | 100 miles | August 03, 2013 | website


RacingThePlanet: Iceland 2013 | 250 kilometers | August 04, 2013 | website


Elbrus Ultra Trail | 105 kilometers | August 01, 2013 | website



2 Cara del Aneto | 69 kilometers | July 27, 2013 | website

Vuelta al Aneto | 100 kilometers | July 27, 2013 | website


UTPE – Ultra Trail Picos de Europa | 120 kilometers | July 27, 2013 | website


Stockholm Ultramarathon 100 km | 100 kilometers and 50km| August 03, 2013 | website



Swiss Alpine Marathon K78 | 78 kilometers | July 27, 2013 | website

United Kingdom


Oxfam Trailwalker | 100 kilometers | July 27, 2013 | website

The 50 Mile Challenge | 52 miles | July 26, 2013 | website

The Montane Lakeland 100 | 100 miles | July 26, 2013 | website

The Montane Lakeland 50 | 50 miles | July 27, 2013 | website


Devil o’ the Highlands Footrace | 43 miles | August 03, 2013 | website



Resurrection Pass 100 Mile Ultra Trail | 100 miles | August 09, 2013 | website


Angeles Crest 100 mile endurance run | 100 miles | August 03, 2013 | website


Grand Mesa 100M | 100 miles – 50 miles and 37 miles | July 27, 2013 | website

Mountain Ultra | 220 kilometers | August 02, 2013 | website

Wild West Relay | 200 miles | August 02, 2013 | website


Wild Idaho 50K Enrudance Run | 50 kilometers | August 03, 2013 | website

Wild Idaho 50M Enrudance Run | 50 miles | August 03, 2013 | website


Great Cranberry Island Ultra Marathon | 50 miles | July 27, 2013 | website


Catoctin 50k Trail Run | 50 kilometers | July 27, 2013 | website


Minnesota Voyageur Trail 50 Mile Run | 50 miles | July 27, 2013 | website


Burning River 100 Mile Endurance Run | 100 miles | July 27, 2013 | website


Viaduct Trail 150 Mile Ultramarathon | 150 miles – 100 miles and 50 miles | July 26, 2013 | website

South Carolina

Landsford Canal 50 K | 50 kilometers | July 27, 2013 | website


Speed Goat 50K Ultra Marathon | 50 kilometers | July 27, 2013 | website


Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail 50 km | 50 kilometers | August 03, 2013 | website


White River 50 Mile Trail Run | 50 miles | July 27, 2013 | website

Wonderland Trail | 93 miles | August 02, 2013 | website

02:06:53 – CLOSE




Dolomites Skyrace RACE SUMMARY

©copyright .iancorless.com._1150372

Kilian Jornet and Emelie Forsberg once again show incredible powers of recovery to win the ISF Skyrunning European Skyrace in the Dolomites, Canazei.

After placing first and second respectively in the Vertical Kilometer just forty eight hours previous, Kilian and Emelie excelled in the Skyrace. Emelie dominated the ladies event from start to finish but Kilian had a much tougher time. Racing his favourite sparring partner, Marco De Gasperi, they pushed each other over every meter of the Canazei course and in the end it was an explosive sprint from Kilian that provided the victory just three seconds clear of Marco.

©copyright .iancorless.com._1150383


Marco explained after the race, ‘we kept pushing, racing Kilian is always hard, he pulled away a little on the climb to Piz Boè but I always had him in sight. We had lots of snow that can provide an advantage when going downhill but can reduce pace when running on the flat or up. It was tough race!’.

I asked Kilian about racing Marco, “I was a little worried racing Marco. This race is only two hours and therefore would suit Marco. I expected him to push hard from the start and cause me some problems. I decided to run hard uphill but Marco remained in touch. The descent is long and technical and the opportunity to pull away was impossible. Ultimately it cam down to a sprint and I found that little extra.’

It was an epic battle, post race Marco was a little disappointed to once again repeat a second place behind Kilian just like at the Mont Blanc Marathon. Marco’s time will come once again. The pace at the front was so fast that Kilian and Marco both broke the old course record.

Interviews with Kilian Jornet and Marco De Gasperi are available on the next episode of Talk Ultra out on Friday.

Tadei Pivk arrived four minutes after the dynamic duo to take the third spot on the podium, a repeat of his performance at Zegama-Aizkorri. Ionut Zinca from Romania placed fourth and Alexis Sevennec fifth making it a truly varied European podium fitting of a European Championship with representation from Spain, Italy, Romania and France.


Tadei Pivk third place overall

Tadei Pivk third place overall

Emelie Forsberg produced once again another stunning performance and dominated the ladies race. Her time of 2:26:52 was just fifty two seconds off her 2012 time and almost certainly, had Emelie had someone to push her during the race she could have broken the course record. The day after the race, relaxing in the Canazei sun she told me of her passion for running, the mountains and the sport. It is reflected in all she does. A true ambassador for the sport.

You can listen to Emelie’s new regular slot on Talk Ultra this coming Friday ‘Smiles and Miles with Emelie Forsberg. You can email questions to her here: smilesandmiles@yahoo.com

©copyright .iancorless.com.P1170065_Snapseed

Silvia Serafini produced a stunning performance for Italy and moved her way up through the field for second place and a silver medal, ten minutes behind Emelie. Spain produced third and fourth places with Nuria Dominguez and Maite Maiora and Poland completed the top five with Dominika Wisniewska.

©copyright .iancorless.com._1150519_Snapseed

The Dolomites SkyRace® has for many years represented an ideal playground for the world’s top athletes.  The steep technical course and spectacular panorama has runners coming back for more time and again.  Today, 540 runners finished the race – the top 60 men within half an hour of the new course record. Fans of stats will also be pleased to hear that Kilian broke the male ascent record set by Augusti Roc and Emelie Forsberg broke the female descent record set by Angela Mudge.

©copyright .iancorless.com._1160015_Snapseed

A total of 23 European nations were ranked to date.  Look out for the final race on July 27, when the Ultra distance will be disputed for the European title at the Trans D’Havet, Vicenza.

©copyright .iancorless.com._1070171

Italy leads the national ranking with 622 points, followed by Spain and France.  Spain leads the medal count however, with two gold and a bronze, followed by Italy and Sweden. The final ranking will be confirmed after this weekends ultra at Trans D’Havet. 

European Skyrunning Championship

Medal count

Spain – 2 gold / 1 bronze

Italy – 1 gold / 3 silver / 2 bronze

Sweden – 1 gold / 1 silver

Czech Republic – 1 bronze


National ranking

1. Italy – 622 points

2. Spain – 558 points

3. France – 480 points

4. Sweden – 380 points

5. Czech Republic – 216 points


Race results














Dolomites Vertical Kilometer 2013 – Race Images

©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160869 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160839 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160792 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160789 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160788 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160773 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160749 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160731 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160730 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160729 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160702 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160700 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160682 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160675 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160671 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160670 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160666 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160651 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160632 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160619 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160604 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160599 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160581 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160563 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160562 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160558 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160546 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160542 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160535 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160527 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160523 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160513 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160510 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160505 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160503 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160473 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160460 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160456 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160453 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160441 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160436 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160435 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160406 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160405 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160379 ©copyright .iancorless.com.P1160377 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1150306 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1150300 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1150294 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1150285 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1150247 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1150240 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1150237 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1150230 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1150229 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1150205 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1150201 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1150195 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1150184 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1150176 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1150167 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1150166 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1150164 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1150158 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1150157 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1150138 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1150123 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1150121 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1150118 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1060967 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1060944 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1060938 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1060933 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1060919 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1060904 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1060894 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1060886 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1060866 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1060855 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1060850 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1060818 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1060806 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1060799 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1060797 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1060789 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1060788 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1060786 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1060781 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1060752 ©copyright .iancorless.com._1060720

Trans D’Havet course recce days

Trans d'Havet


Download PDF information document HERE

Dowbload full Trans D’Havet race route map HERE

Tuesday July 23rd.

  • Depart Tourist Office IAT Recoaro, Piazza Amedeo di Savoia : 0930am
  • Depart for Reconnaissance: 1030am
  • Return to Tourist Office IAT Recoaro, Piazza Amedeo di Savoia

First part, from 11 Monte Novegno (A.S.2) to 25 Campogrosso (A.S.5), total KM 27, possible stops in 16 Passo Xomo (A.S.3) and in 22 Pian delle Fugazze (A.S.4)

Wednesday July 24th

  • Depart Tourist Office IAT Recoaro, Piazza Amedeo di Savoia 0930am
  • Depart for Reconnaissance: 1030am
  • Return to Tourist Office IAT Recoaro, Piazza Amedeo di Savoia

From  25 Campogrosso (A.S. 5) to 40 Malga Rialto (some 8 km from the finish) some 25 km, possible stops to cut down in 32 passo della lora or 34 passo ristele and down to rifugio battisti (cut from 34 passo ristele and down to rifugio battisti seems the most logical)

Participants must be self-sufficient and carry ‘mandatory’ safety equipment for the mountains and possess enough liquid and food for the duration of the reconnaissance.

Mandatory Equipment

  • Pack/ Waist belt
  • 1ltr minimum liquid, preferably 2ltr
  • Food/ gels
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Rain protection
  • Sunglasses
  • Whistle
  • Phone

Please contact:

info@skyrunning.com to confirm if you would like to attend, places are limited

PLEASE NOTE on Thursday July 25th at 1500 we have arranged an ‘Introduction to Skyrunning’ – it will include an interview with Salomon athlete, Philipp Reiter followed by a Q&A. In addition, ISF President, Marino Giacometti and Dr Roi (Sky Doc) will discuss Skyrunning followed with Q&A. Information HERE

Trans D’Havet 2013 why not?


Why not?

Why not indeed… Trans D’Havet is waiting for you! Take advantage of the European Skyrunning Championships and enter one race, two races or all three and make a week of it in the perfect location of the Dolomites and the Veneto. Still places available!

Entry available HERE

Every two years the European Skyrunning Championships are celebrated and 2013 is no exception.  The big news is the inclusion for the first time of the ultra distance.  The venue is all-Italian with the Vertical Kilometer® and SkyRace® in Canazei, Dolomites on July 19 and 21, while the Ultra will take place just six days later in the nearby Veneto Region.


The Dolomites will again host two of the events in the three-year history of the Championships.  The record on the unforgiving Vertical Kilometer® course just 2,1 km long, stands at 33’16” by world record holder Italian Urban Zemmer and Antonella Confortola in 39’13” back in 2008 when the course was inaugurated.


The classic Dolomites SkyRace® favoured by the world’s top runners offers a new challenge after record-breaking performances here this year by Kilian Jornet in 2h01’52”, and the three top women, Sweden’s Emelie Forsberg,American Kasie Enman and Spaniard Mireia Mirò – all under record time.  Forsberg’s record stands at 2h26’00”.

The challenging and often technical course represents one of the toughest proving grounds for the relatively short distance:  22 km but with 1,750m climb to the summit of the Piz Boè which, at 3,152m altitude, towers above the start and finish of the race in Canazei.

The much anticipated Ultra is embodied by the Trans d’Havet, a point to point 80 km long with 5,500m vertical climb traversing the Piccole Dolomiti in the Veneto Region.  The route, technical in stretches, includes 6 km of tunnels dating back to the First World War, created by General D’Havet, to whose name the race is dedicated.



  • Distance: 50 km / 62.1 miles Elevation gain: 5,500m
  • Elevation loss: 5,500m
  • 5 peaks or passes at 1,600m altitude
  • Max altitude: 2,239m (Rifugio Fraccaroli) Pass below galleries of the first World War 8 aid stations
  • 23h time limit
  • 2012: Daniele Palladino (ITA) 10h58’44’’
  • 2012: Francesca Canepa (ITA) 11h44’45’’
Francesca Canepa copyright iancorless.com

Francesca Canepa copyright iancorless.com

At the launch in 2012, the men’s winning time was 10h58’44”, no doubt destined to fall with the top European runners participating here in 2013.

Following on from the Dolomites SkyRace® on the 21st, five days’ activities and fun-packed action are being organised for runners who want to stay over for the Trans d’Havet.  More news on this later.

The European Skyrunning Championships are open with individual titles at stake in each discipline based on the sum of the highest points scored in two out of three events.  The national title is based on the score of the first three men and one woman in all three events.


Dolomites Vertical Kilometer®, Canazei, Trento, July 19


Dolomites SkyRace®, Canazei, Trento, July 21


Trans d’Havet, 80k, Piovene R, Piccole Dolomiti, Vicenza – July 27


Trans D’Havet website HERE

Dolomites Sky Race HERE

Dolomites VK HERE

Skyrunning website HERE

Trans D’Havet 2013

Trans D'Havet


  • 50 miles of the Piccole Dolomiti – edition two July 27, 2013
  • Ultra 80 km 5500 mD+ – ISF Ultra SkyMarathon® European Championship 2013
  • Marathon 40 km 2500 mD+
  • Grand Raid Zero Invitational 110 km 10,000 mD+
  • Montefalcone Downhill Race 8 km 1,200 mD-
Image courtesy of Trans D'Havet

Image courtesy of Trans D’Havet

After the successful first edition in 2012, with great participation and positive comments, thanks to the efforts of the organisation, the Trans d’Havet comes into the 2013 season with a second edition confirming the structure of the event but also offering interesting news.

The trail runs along the western pre-alps of Vicenza, in the italian Veneto region. The course starts from Piovene Rocchette, through mount Summano, mount Novegno, mount Alba, the 52 galleries roads of the Pasubio, the Sengio Alto group, Carega group, the group of Tre Croci, the top of mount Marana, ending with the descent to Valdagno, with a total length of 80 km and an elevation gain of 5500 m. There is also a minor race, which will start from mid-course (pian delle Fugazze), for a total of 40 km and 2500 m of elevation gain.

Image courtesy of Trans D'Havet

Image courtesy of Trans D’Havet

The course crosses the territory of two regions and eleven municipalities: Piovene Rocchette (Vi), Santorso (Vi), Schio (Vi), Posina (Vi), Valli del Pasubio (Vi), Vallarsa (Tn), Ala (Tn), Selva di Progno (Vr), Crespadoro (Vi), Recoaro (Vi), Valdagno (Vi).

The course of the main race, with its logical design of a great crossing of the Piccole Dolomiti, is fully confirmed. The 80 km and 5500 meters of elevation gain, rich in history and natural beauty, with some very technical stretches, will see the start of the best athletes to compete for the title of ISF Ultra SkyMarathon® European Champion 2013. Top athletes and teams are these days planning the 2013 season, and many have already expressed their intention to be there.

Image courtesy of Trans D'Havet

Image courtesy of Trans D’Havet

Trans d’Havet however won’t be only an elite race, but also a great voyage and a challenge to everyone so that they may test the limits. Therefore the time limits of 23 hours for the Ultra and 14 hours for the Marathon will remain unchanged and intermediate time limits accordingly given.

For 2013 there are also two new side events planned: the zero edition invitational of a Grand Raid for two athletes teams, in total self sufficiency, on a course of about 110 km and 10,000 m of elevation gain, which extends the classical one, and an only descent sprint Montefalcone Downhill Race, about 8 km and 1200 meters of elevation loss, to be held the next day from the top of Montefalcone down to Recoaro Terme.

Image courtesy of Trans D'Havet

Image courtesy of Trans D’Havet

The inclusion of the Trans d’Havet in the wider program of the European Skyrunning® Championship, which begins the weekend before in Canazei with the ISF Vertical Kilometer® and SkyRace® European Championship, will be an opportunity for athletes for a stay in Recoaro Terme during the week in between.

Check out the Skyrunning website – HERE


From Monday 22 to Thursday 25 July 2013

  • Recoaro Terme
  • Athletes hospitality

Friday 26 July 2013

  • Piovene Rocchette
  • 17.00 Start Grand Raid

Saturday 27 July 2013

  • Piovene Rocchette
  • 01.00 am start Ultra
  • Pian delle Fugazze
  • 9.00 am start Marathon
  • Valdagno, historical
  • 10.00 estimated winner finish Ultra
  • 13.00 estimated winner finish Marathon
  • 17.00 estimated first finish competitors Grand Raid
  • 18.00 awards ceremony
  • 24.00 hours arrival of last competitors

Sunday, July 28, 2013

  • Recoaro Terme, Downhill Race
  • 10.30 am start downhill race
  • 13.00 awards ceremony Downhill Race and Grand Raid

Organization: Ultrabericus Team a.s.d.

Collaboration: Associazione Nazionale Alpini of Vicenza, the Italian Red Cross, National Corps Mountain Rescue

The event is made possible by:

– The contribution of Montura and Alpstation;

– The cooperation of Vicenzaè.org and Visitrecoaro.it.

 All about www.transdhavet.it

Ian Corless will be reporting from the race live via Twitter and Facebook in addition to providing written articles and photography – iancorless.com