The Coastal Challenge #TCC2019 – PHOTOGRAPHS

PHOTOGRAPHS #TCC2019 The Coastal Challenge

A portfolio of TCC2019 race images are now online, they ‘web’ resolution only.
High resolution images will be uploaded in due course when suitable wifi is available.


Images of Haria

©copyright’s the buzz I love. The hustle, the excitement, the sense of anticipation. A quiet village comes to life as it is invaded by runners, supporters and associated race staff. But underneath the buzz, Life goes on. Locals meet for coffee, children play and beers are drunk.

The natural beauty of a town is maintained underneath. White washed walls contrast against weathered wood. Cigarettes are smoked as a means of escape from daily chores and weathered faces are softened by a flower.

The tick of the clock is not stopped or paused as photographers and journalists document the circus. Come Monday, it will all be over… the influx will be gone and again the villagers will be able to hear the church bell, the birds in the trees and the rattle of a cup on a saucer.

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Faces of Ultra

One of the advantages that I have covering races is that I am often in the very fortunate position to capture images that many just don’t get the opportunity to capture.

We have all seen running pictures and action pictures but earlier this year I started to document the ‘Faces of Ultra‘. It started as a personal project but interest and demand for the images I captured increased…

I have therefore set up a Faces of Ultra website to allow me to showcase the images and offer them as limited edition prints in a variety of sizes.

The maximum print run will always be 20 or less and each images will be signed and numbered.

It’s early days but please keep an eye on the site and what prints and options will become available.